Welcome to everyone who found the site. Whether you believe its random or you believe its not. Here is some evidence on the site. Based on e-mail from readers I have gotten I will attempt to make this a better all around poker site. Sure beats will still be discussed but maybe we can get some blog reader tourneys going or have blog readers invite others and share there own tourney wins and losses via blogs. Just send me an e-mail I will attempt to create a network of poker blogs.

Believers and.........Non-Believers

Sunday, October 10, 2010

100% Proof That FT is Rigged

Heres an entire hand worth of history. Where you can see that this hand has been played perfectly. Yet the guy fits the profile. He is foreign.......Germany. He has lost a TON of money on the site. These two factors combined mean that I as a very solid player have no chance of winning against the opponent. At this point he has made some horrible calls and should have been gone after the second hand of the tournament when he called all in with an A2 into a flop of A 10 J and I had A 10. He ran 2 2. The odds of that alone are small but this hand history is the worst play I have ever seen and this is how he wins. Improbable? Oh almost impossible.

As you can see I raise big preflop with the second best starting hand in poker.

Flop comes all hearts. A little worrisome, but not really because if he has two hearts it is statistically unlikely that the flop will be all of the same suit since he has two of them. He bets 40 and I raise the SHIT out of him. Now this is the perfect poker play. The hand cant be played better at this point. He has invested 280 chips in the pot, I raise him to 600 here. He does not have a pair on the board and he is drawing to a heart only. Pot odds say he CANNOT MAKE THIS CALL. It makes no sense. Its a no brainer. But he calls.

He bets another 40. I go all in for 370. At this point, some say "well hes pot commited". Actually hes not. He still does not have correct odds to call here and should fold. Any logical person in the world would fold. You made a stand, the turn blanked. You have no straight draws, you cannot hit an overcard, the only thing you can hope for on the river is a miracle heart. Of which we know that 4 are already gone. He should fold becauses my all in bet still does not offer him pot odds. He calls.

There it is. A hand that should never have seen the turn. A player who made a very stange call every step of the way and me, the person who played correctly, screwed out of more money by FT.

I can guarantee this was not random. I can guarantee that the call was not random. I can almost gurantee that the player is either A) working for FT or B) running a cheat program that allows him to see cards. Otherwise someone please explain why you would be in this hand?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First hand of the first game played tonight......

Remember what I just posted about variance and how FT cant be random. This is a two outer hit on me on an all in before the flop. This is the VERY NEXT HAND I have played on the VERY NEXT DAY from my last post. If I factor in the odds and multiply them out. Then these two hands could only occur back to back


Yet on FT it happened in less than 10 hands from last night to today.

UNBELIEVEABLE. Is more evidence really needed? If I took this before congress when they were debating online poker they would have to immediately call an investigation.

Edit: Just because I wanted to know I factored in the odds of the last three hands I posted since they almost all occured in a row. The odds of these three hands happening back to back to back are 1 in 39,860,333.33 so essentially what happened to me in my posts would be like winning the lottey. Anyone else find there experiences on FT to be as crazy as I do.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just to show how Full Tilt Cant Be Random

So you can see all of my last posts. Now I just want to discuss variance. If these hands were being hit on me while I was playing for hours at a time and have seen hundreds or thousands of hands I couldnt have a blog like this. HOWEVER I only have time to play 1-2 games each night. So these last few posts have been in CONSECUTIVE HANDS. Needless to say runner runner has happened in consecutive heads up play or tournament play EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is unacceptable Full Tilt. This blog is clearly showing the unrandom events on the site at this point.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yeah......okay. Again where is my 4 card flush.

It has been hundreds if not thousands of hands and I have not had a runner runner or a four card flush. I find that very interesting. Especially since the people I play seem to hit them all the time. Yup this is an all in for first place. Yup aces got beat again on the BS that is full tilt joker.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I wonder how come I never get a runner runner flush....

It is amazing I must say. Foreign player.....yup. Losing player....yup.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

FT has not changed and in fact in my opinion has gotten worse

I took a good chunk of time away from FT because I just couldnt take it anymore. The beats were getting to the point where I would have back to back to back beats of two outers or one outers on the river. Which cannot be random. In fact before I took a little break I had hands run CONSECUTIVELY in one tourney like this:

Me AA vs QJ flop is A39 and it runs out K 10.......okay it happens
The very next hand
Me A8 vs A3 flop is A8J all in. Runs 3 3.  Hmmm getting interesting. Now let me just point this out. This is right before cashing. In fact I am noticing that the worst beats I get come right before cashing. Its a very odd occurence.

Now I am not out is this tourney by the way. I was a huge chip leader. It was a 90 person 11 dollar. I had about 35K to start with. I am now down to about 12K and two spots from cashing.

The very next hand (not the hand I am playing by the way,  this was three hands directly in a row):

Me KK vs AQ unsuited. Flop K94 good for me. Turn 5, river 7. Wow great for me. I am so happy. Chips go to my opponent and I am out. Hold up. What?? I have to look again because I didnt realize it ran out spades and gave him a flush to his ace for the win. WTF you have to be kidding me.

Now why do I point this out. Because I got back on last weekend and this week and have noticed that not only have the beats gotten more outrageous, but it seems as though FT is intentionally making sure I dont cash. Sound ridiculous?

This is just one of about 30 examples this week when I should have cashed and made a good profit, but instead was left with nothing.......all to players who conform to the formula I have preached all along.

A. Foreign Player
B. Losing Player

If these two factors come into play I would say FT will make you lose about 95% of the time. Now that being said. Heres a hand. Yup its a 9 person. 4 players left. The player I called here pushed all in 6 times in a row. I felt that my hand was the best and I was correct. He had 3 outs. He hits 2 of 3 cards and I go out without cashing......again. Losing player......check. Foreign player........Russian. Its amazing how these things go hand in hand when it comes to getting a bad beat and not cashing in a tourney. By the way all three of these players at the table that cashed were foreign and all the american players who played the best cards got beat. Very interesting.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Darren Believes in Full Tilt........

Darren said...Mega-Grinders of all stake levels have analyzed millions of hands, nothing has jumped out as contrary to basic math and probability. Your "proof" is to connect a bad beat with a bad, losing player, and claim the site is rewarding them, on purpose, by "fixing the deck"? Seriously.
Let's go with that theory: as "proof" of rigg1dn3ss you mention that someone who delivered a Bad Beat to you is a LOSING player on Sharkscope. Okay, well let's see how you got your logic might have been spun around...
Any BAD player is going to be in pots more often with "bad" draws than the good players (who will fold a turn pot-sized bet when they have virtually any draw) so this means that a larger percentage of your own personally-experienced Bad Beats WILL BE at the hands of bad players, those who should never have stayed in the hand. AND THAT IS WHY THEY ARE LOSING PLAYERS.
Thinking the site is rewarding a bad player occasionally to keep them optimistic and redepositing etc. etc = bad logic. What is happening is simple MATH. The more a bad player chases bad, the more often he will end up winning a pot... in raw numbers. But as a PERCENTAGE of total "chances" to hit, if they have 9 outs on the turn for their flush with no overs, they will be hitting <20% of the time, period, 4 out of 5 times they will miss. 
July 15, 2010 2:11 PM
You sir are a moron. I am not even trying to be rude. But you just said that no one has found anything wrong with the math. Please do an internet search. As a matter of FACT you do realize that quite a few major college students have done their term papers and MBA research on this very topic. Go ahead search. They have found that Full Tilt is NOT STATISTICALLY RANDOM. If it were then if and when a player such as myself makes a bad call then I would hit sometimes. The truth is if I push the worst hand I lose. Period. If my AK goes up against QQ on this site. I lose. I dont win it. I mean ever. And a lot of people are seeing the same thing I do.
The fact that you found this site at all shows that you have experienced this and were LOOKING FOR PROOF. Well its all here. I mean hell, look at the post right beneath this one. I could run cards from a real live deck all day and probably not repeat what happened in that hand.

So explain it to me wise one. If its not random and I cant duplicate it even after hundreds of hands. Why did it happen there on only my second hand played for the day in which I made the correct push all in and he basically didnt have much of a chance at all to win that hand. He HAD to have runner runner to win. But I guess thats random..get the f out of here with that BS.

Havent posted in a while, but this is just ridiculous

Yup I hit the nuts on the flop............AND IT RUNS A BOAT FOR THIS DONKEY. If you believe this is random I will sell you a 3,000 acre piece of the ocean for a couple grand.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

U.S. Players Getting BS'ed

So more and more I am seeing it happen that a foreign non U.S. player hits there miracle card or cards as runner runner seems to come very often lately. Now here is the thing I have been checking. The final table of EVERY single tournament I have played the last two week was made up of Non U.S. Players. So even when I go out I sit back and see what happens and in EVERY (I would say about 30 tournaments of more than 45 players) tournament the final table was made up of only Non U.S. players.

What made me post about this is the fact that I was just in a 90 person sit n go. I was dominating the tourney. 15 players left. I go out when I call my AK suited for 20K chips all in to a A9 I hit a K on the flop and he got runner runner 9. Okay whatever, I had 60K chips so I am still good.

Next hand. I am small blind with 44 and just call. 3 players in the hand. Flop is J 7 4. I have a set, pretty good money hand for me. I go all in knowing that they should just fold. The first guy folds, the second guy calls for all his chips leaving me with 220 chips and basically out of the tourney. But I am good right I mean bottom set but not likely he has a better set. So...............what does he have???

He has 22. The turn hits another 2 which doesnt bother me, but what does bother me is the river is a 2. What the hell? You are trying to tell me this happened randomly. Heres the best part I try to grab the screen shot and bang the table closes for the final table, so I am pissed about that.

Then comes the great tell all final table. I scroll over each and every player and guess what there are NO U.S. Players in the final table.

Just for giggles. The first hand of the final table saw 4 people all in. The best hand was A6 and the hand that won was an 8 4 off suit. There is no way these foreign players are winning randomly. I honestly believe that FT is trying to push all US players off the site OR they are making sure that we all deposit again. Either way something very fishy is going on.

I know I am not the only one noticing this lately. These patterns all started around the beginning of March.

Friday, June 18, 2010

From a post made to one of the other hands

JD here you are and this is his post. See JD is one of those people who like to get on the sites and say Full Tilt Poker is not rigged, they wouldnt risk this, why would they do this when they are already making money, blah blah blah. Well obviously JD doesnt understand business. So I will explain it to him. Here is his post:
Blogger JD said..Ok dudes. I can always tell when people are lying because their arguments stop making sense. Why would full tilt care about making flushes happen when you have flopped a set. A fourth card of the same suit is considered a scare card, not a scam. A scare card actually decreases the likelihood that people will bet. It is infuriating, but it would not even serve a fathomable purpose for the poker site. As for all the evidence? None of it is legitimate. Why would a poker site cheat? Imagine this, you own a poker site, that deals random cards. People come to your site and give you money and then ultimately let you keep it. You make a lot of money because a lot of people use your site. Meanwhile, you take a walk in the park, grab a smoothie, and egg your mother in law's car. You then take a nap, go to the bank, and cash your massive check. There is no point in changing the system. A significant group of the population already believes that the poker site is cheating them, so why confirm their beliefs. Why even allow for the remote possibility that your site gets shut down? Owning a poker site that runs cards fairly is a breeze. Instead of giving programmers money to create cheating software to increase revenue, why not spend that money on advertising? It would achieve the same effect, with no risk. I'm tired of seeing blogs with one sided arguments on how not just Full Tilt is rigged, but every poker site they have ever played on is. Now, I have to say that if people really do leave the sites that are "obviously" rigged like they say they do, then where is the fair site that nobody is leaving. The site that people can "obviously" tell is fair. Where is the fair site that people don't think is cheating them out of their money? There isn't one because the other sites aren't cheating you. As for the stories about insiders who confirm that cheating happens. They always start out reasonable and then they completely give their falsity away by including something completely ludicrous. "I've been friends with Mike Matusow,and his brother, Scott, (who does not play poker at all, but is disc Jockey, he does podcasts)for a few years now, since 2006. And Mike did confirm to me in private that Full Tilt Poker is, in fact, rigged. They want the tournaments to end as fast as they can, so the people that lose can enter another tournament and thus, give more money to the site. I asked him this once when we were playing at home over a beer, and he was very cocky about all of this. He asked me,"Have you ever had any bad beats there?(FTP)" and I said,"Yeah. Tons of times." He laughed maniacally and then explained the method, which is too long for me to explain here, regarding the way people are destroyed with staff" This part of the story was well constructing. The inclusion of detail about Mike's brother leads an unobservant reader to believe that this commenter has some degree of credibility. And here comes the ridiculous part. "On top of that, the deal is not random, but rather, controlled by a human, not a cpu, and that is why you will see 3 or 4 people get knocked out by a guy who goes all in with an 8/3 offsuit or something ridiculous like that." ... a human? really? This person is trying to tell you that poker sites have a room full of people who pick a random table and screw with it. Now I'm not sure how much these people would be getting paid, but that sounds massively inefficient to me. While I am open to new ideas, this is completely absurd. All of the games are run by computers dimwit. Any worker interferance wouldn't be worth the wages they are being paid. Stop bsing the world with your garbage. given that one part of the story is clearly false, you can then only conclude that the rest of it really has no credibility. You can determine that this guy probably is not friends with the poker player, and probably did not sit down and have a beer with him. There, are you happy now? This argument has several words.  
Well JD let me explain it to you. Lets say I tell you that you can make $5,000.00 an hour and do nothing. All you have to is run a legitimate poker site. No cheating, nothing. Everything is straight up, good hands win most of the time, bad hands and bad players lose money and stop playing and dont come back to the site. So now you have a poker site making $5,000 bucks an hour and you are doing nothing, but your players arent really growing either so rather than increasing profits, your profit stays pretty much right at 5,000 an hour.  
I come to you and say I can create software that can make games go quicker, this same software can also track players and make sure that good players dont make to much money and bad players win every once in a while so they want to keep playing. And you say "nah, thats not really ethical or fair" and this programmer says well I can guarantee you that if you do it you can go from making $5000 an hour to making $50,000 an hour. All of a sudden your ethics pretty much go out the window. Because greed is an amazing thing and in our society everyone wants more money.   
So software is installed which deals "action cards" and the games go faster which means more players pay more tourney fees and more rake to the site. 
Bad players hit more of there gutshots and flushes and one outers and two outers on the turn and river and they like it. They like the rush they get from the bad beat so when they are out of money, they deposit more and keep playing.  
These people in turn invite their friends to get bonus money.......money that only becomes a bonus once you earn enough Full Tilt points (which are earned by fees you pay the site) that the site makes sure they dont just give you money without making some on the bonus. So the player base grows........  
Then you realize uh oh someone might catch on, lets take our servers and company which was located in CA and required the system to be audited and checked for randomness to another country. Costa Rica sounds good. They dont have any fair gambling laws. So now I am located in another country and I dont have to get audited and the system (according FT own website) has not been checked for almost 4 years for randomness. And doesnt have to be because they no longer reside on US soil. So here we are a nice random fair poker site that started earning 5000 bucks an hour (something most people would be happy with) has now become a giant. Earning thousands per hour and hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. No longer located in the US and no longer subject to testing.  
Now please ask yourself again "Why would someone risk making an unfair system?" The answer is above.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lets take that last post further shall we

Lets break it down. Firstly, the player that gave me the beat and hit a 4 outer at MOST after the flop is foreign. I have been pointing this out for nearly 3 years. I honestly believe that FT wants to move american players away from there tables as they dont want any legal problems that may come about.

Secondly and most important of all. Here is this persons stats:

Now knowing this to be the case. This person HAS LOST MORE THAN 2000.00 dollars on Full Tilt. Notice...and your more than welcome to go back and check. Every single player that has hit these type of gutshots or runners or four card flushes has LOST MONEY on the site. Why is this important? Because this is how FT makes money. This person wins today, but has lost overall and they will continue to deposit on the site because there bad play got rewarded today. You might say but FT makes money on game played. YEAH THEY DO. And if this person didnt keep depositing to the tune of more than 2000.00 bucks than they would have made money on them. See thats the secret. Keep people playing. You keep making money. If the bad players keep losing, they dont deposit and THEY DONT MAKE MONEY. Its common sense, and it has been pointed out here for 3 years.

Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Ability /100 Network Filter
stolitsa         519-$4  $11  -12%-$2,077  -52FullTilt    

How can this even be explained?

After losing 100 dollar or so this weekend on FT the ridiculous continues. If I push this hand after the flop all in as this person did.....guess what I lose. This is such bullshit. Come on bitch ass Howard Lederer take my invite and come sit at my house and explain to me that this is random. Your own site goes against your advice.

Full Tilts motto should be "always play the worst hand and you will win."

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am so pissed this weekend at Full Tilt I dont know how to even describe it. But for all the new people who may be thinking of putting money on this site...DONT. I have more than enough proof here to show the site is rigged. I can tell when I bad beat will occur before ever even seeing cards. Full Tilt is rigged to keep bad players adding money and good players even and no profit.

This week I have been keeping track of if there is a point where Full Tilt fucks you. The answer is a big yes. Once I hit a certain profit point Full Tilt made sure I lost. I am talking this weekend has been so bad. 1 and 2 outers on the river, runner runner straights and flushes..........but only against me....the profitable player. I sharkscoped every person I lost again and guess what......they ALL lost money on the site. Not one of the bad beats I received came from a profitable player. Is more proof really needed?

Friday, June 11, 2010


I dont even need a fucking picture I am so pissed. I have been playing regularly on here for about 2 1/2 weeks now. I would say thats thousands of hands down. I havent had pocket ACES since my last post. That was literally the last time I saw them.

I sit down at a heads up after losing about 35 bucks in a cash game to some bad as runner runner 4 card flushes (this also NEVER happens for me) and of course the chick I am playing is:

-  Foreign
-  Has lost about 400 bucks on the site in less than 100 games played

Ready for this.........

Now I havent had ACES since my last post. This chick, who is horrible by the way, and allowed me to stay in the match by calling with nothing, gets pocket ACES THAT I SEE seven times in 33 hands. Seriously? Thats random?

7 / 33 = 21.2% of her hand were aces. WTF. I am so pissed I dont even know how to explain this.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am getting good at calling it......

So this hand came. I raised more than pot size preflop and had one caller. I saw that flop......now I would say probably 90% of players would reraise this guy after he bet out, but I saw that and I was like, hes got the flush. Fucking Full Tilt gave me AA after I ran up more than 60 bucks this weekend and now they want to take it back. So I called his little raise. Then he checked the turn and I checked, and then he checked the flop and like I said most people would bet, but I knew, I promptly stand up and leave full tilt for the day.

I can call this stuff. Maybe I can come up with a formula where you can become profitable on Full Tilt. Is there a % gain before you start losing? Can you play and stop when you know FT is starting to F you over? I am going to keep track and let you know. I am up 67 bucks in one day today. So that feels pretty good.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Come on now. Really? If I push this I lose 100% of the time

So today I have lost every race, never hit any straight or flush draws and generally am just getting pissed to the point where I take all my money off the poker sites, deleted this blog, fly to Full Tilt headquarters and smack the hell out of everyone there........on second thought I could go to the world series of poker and just smack all those ripoff artists in the back of their heads just for building this bullshit site. So here we go.

Yeah he has AK which is a better hand than mine...........So what? He should have raised. I raised preflop he called, we both checked the flop and the Q hit the turn. I bet he goes all in, I call. Now at this point he has NO PAIR and he cant hit an ace. So he has essentially 3 kings he can hit or 4 jacks. 7 outs on the river, thats it. And the river hesitation comes and I know before the cards shows that he hit it. The computer hooked his foreign ass up and yup. Thats exactly what happened. Such bullshit. I cant even win with the best hand with one card left to fall. The proof is coming, its going to hit Full Tilt hard. When this blog hits a big time poker magazine (oops wait did I just mention that, yes I did).

Full Tilt makes the unrandom question too easy lately

Lets take this hand. There is not much more proof needed for unrandomness. This is an all in hand, that I push into a horrible donkey. Let me preface this by saying as soon as the guy got into the sit n go I saw that:

A. He was from Russia
B. He has lost a lot of money on here.

So I say to myself "dammit, another foreign player that has lost money, there is a bad beat coming." So I actually win some chips from him which is surprising. Then I get AA and he raises and I am like thank god I might win one of these, he goes all in and I call. HE HAS A FREAKING Q 3 off suit. And hits trip 3's versus my AA. So I think to myself "oh shit, here we go again." And then this happens.
All in preflop because he raised again so I go all in because I know he doesnt have anything. I hit the ace on the flop and think again, I am going to lose this. AND THEN RUNNER RUNNER 7. The odds of which are just not going to happen. Thanks Full Tilt for this perfect example of how unrandom your website actually is.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Literally......Full Tilt owes an explanation for this

I can actually call this shit before it happens. I sharkscoped the guy:

Foreign player.....Check
Lost money on the site.....Check

So hes been pushing crap the whole game. I see that he goes all in again and I think, nah he doesnt have it hes beat. Then I call and I see it AND I SWEAR TO YOU I SAY TO MYSELF HE WILL HIT THE KING ON THE RIVER because he fits the bad beat profile. So the turn comes. And then comes the slight small hesitation before the river cards is shown and I know it already. I got up and walked away before I saw it, turned around and looked and BAM there it is. I can actually call these beats. I am getting good at it. If only I could see the players that I am playing before I register for the tourney I think I could actually pick who I would win against and who I would lose against. I may look into getting that video software so that I can talk along live and call the beats before they happen. I wonder how Full Tilt could explain that happening???

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Last Post.....at least this week

I physically cant do it anymore. I am down more than 100 dollars today and have lost with the best hand each and every time. In fact the beats are down right ridiculous. I just lost the last heads up with QQ all in versus a J3. He runs threes. Before that in a 11 dollar tourney my AA of which we saw the flopped and I hit trip aces lost to a 45 in which a straight flush ran out. The last hand I played was AQ hearts pushed all in to a flop of 10 J Q two hearts.....think about my outs there.....I DONT LOSE THAT HAND. But on FT I got called by a Q 7 off suit and wouldnt you know it, I hit my flush on the turn with a 7 and he hits a 7 on the river for a boat. I physically cant take it anymore.

FULL TILT IS NOT RANDOM. I can prove it. This site proves it, hundreds of other players agree.

My offer stands for bitch ass HOWARD LEDERER to come to my house stand there and watch the cards fall and still claim that this site that he started is anywhere near random. In fact it is getting worse. The beats are so bad at this point that ANY RANDOM COMPANY would never certify this site as being random. This is why the servers moved out of the US. So they could cheat people out of there money. If banning all online poker is what it takes to shut full tilt down I am all for it. These guys are crooks and need regulation.

Another all in preflop call where words are not necessary

As NO ONE makes the call unless they know whats coming.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh yeah even at final tables

Three outers always show up. This is how I go out of tourneys ALL THE TIME. I want this to be seen that I ALWAYS play the best hand, but yet I always lose. By the way check the guy out.

Foreign player.........check
Lost money on the site.....Check

Amazing how these two distinct factors are always in play when this happens. By the way the very next hand he pushed AK into someone elses A9 and won again. Then three hands later he pushed A5 into AK and he won again..........hey Full Tilt please explain those odds to me.....I am collecting enough info here to prove FT is as fake as hell and they are crooks.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seriously...If any lawyer wants to class action FT

I am ALL IN. This is fucking ridiculous. AA losing to a 45?????? WHO THE FUCK CALLS WITH A 45? You ONLY do this if you know whats coming. No one does that shit preflop. But yet this guy did and he hit it. This is within about 15 minutes from my last post....odds say this cant happen.....but on FULL TILT it happens all the time.

Yes this actually happened

Now, let me put this in context. I am in the big blind, in about 13th of 17 people left in this 90 person. I am in the blind which is costing me more than 10% of my chips. This guy just calls the blind so I go all in. Without hesitation he calls with this preflop. Think how many times you have won a hand like this. I can honestly say I have NEVER won this hand. Maybe its because I wouldnt play with those cards, but if I did I GUARANTEE I lose.

Now lets see. Does this guy fit the formula. Foreign Player? Check. Lost money on Full Tilt? Check. Amazing how this is he formula for a bad beat isnt it?

Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Ability /100 Network Filter
olesbikodela 71 -$2 $3 -84% -$156 Super Tilt 50 FullTilt x

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FT Can you just be a little random?

One heads up match.......does the best hand ever win? Yes these were all in hands. YES THIS IS WHAT JACK OFF CALLED ALL IN WITH. Do you do this without knowing what cards are coming.....probably not. But more proof that the best hand rarely VERY RARELY wins on this site. Instead it is determined by how much money has been lost.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Make A Deposit

And I decide to see whats happening on FT. Surely they should have fixed some of the randomness issues by now right? I mean people are definitely starting to notice. Well buckle up because here we go. The first game my AA all in preflop gets called by three people. The hands are 69, 67, and K9 SWEAR TO GOD this is what people are calling all in with. 67 runner runner hits his straight. Okay. Sorry I couldnt get a screen shot, FT decided that after that beat I needed to be moved to another table.......interesting.

Doesnt matter much though, I go to play a heads up. Yes, this is an all in preflop. SO I have to ask the question of why does this never happen for me? Its interesting.

WOW! So I lose a hand to a three outer in which they hit 2 out of three of the outs they needed. Maybe it happens........BUT:

- He was Foreign
- He has lost a lot of money on the site


So let me get this right. This guy "randomly" decides to call my all in reraise preflop with a J8. There is just no way.

Does he fit the predetermined bad beat profile. Indeed.

- Foreign Player
- Has lost money on the site

So thats my day on FT again. Three games. Three hands far and away better than then hands they went up against and three losses. Thanks FT. I can see your site is only becoming more unrandom as time goes by. Eventually your greed and unrandomness to make more money will be the downfall of the site.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lets See Here

Well lets take a look at what is happening. (Full Tilts new software is so annoying to take screenshots in and that is why I havent posted in a while). But the beats continue and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt at this point that I CAN PROVE that Full Tilt is rigged.

In fact I fully invite Howard Lederer to come to my house, sit there, watch a game or two and then actually tell me face to face that the BS is random. There is no way he could do it.

So heres the formula once again for everyone that doesnt know it already. Foreign non US player, makes a bad call, has lost money, hits the river. NOW THATS THE BIG THING. They dont hit other cards. Only the river and only after a hesitation longer than the fall of the other cards. This is the computer "thinking" what cards must come next to beat you.......the profitable player. Heres a good example:

Now. Sure it happens. But this has "happened" for the past two months. If I make a move like this I lose. Simple. Done.

He pushes all in after the flop and I call. Now you might say he wins about 1 out of 5 times with a turn and a river. Thats true. But I know that this was the last Jack left and there was also only one ace left. So he actually hit a two outer here ON THE RIVER.

Does he fit the bill. Yuppers. Foreign player. Lost money. Gets a win on the river. Its pretty amazing and I defy anyone to debunk this theory. I have literally hundreds of examples here. And probably hundreds more coming.

Keep reading and I will try to continue to post. We have to eventually ban together and get this site shut down or at least have them admit that it is not random and that certain events are programmed so that they can maximize profit.

Thats what I dont get about the Full Tilt faithful that post on these sites. Obviously if you found this site you were looking to see if Full Tilt was rigged. You got here and it was basically confirmed and then you post about people whining about bad beats. Sorry, but you are the assholes who obviously dont realize that Full Tilt is a business. They are out to make the most money possible......they are NOT a charity. They are not doing this for fun......but that is the subject of another post.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time To Start Posting Again

As Full Tilt has just really irked me this week by providing some crazy cards to people. I think I am the only person that if I push the worst hand I dont get runner runner to win. Let me reiterate that. I have said this before and will again. I have NEVER in 4 years of playing online poker gotten a runner runner anything to win a hand I was behind on. Yet it happens to me all the time. So if you are reading this you are obviously searching that something is going on at Full Tilt. It is. Before you listen to Full Tilts take it in the assers tell you that cards are random and its "just poker." Do this:

Check out the stats of the person who gave you the bad beat. I guarantee that:

1. They have lost money on the site
2. They are usually not from the US
3. If neither of these are true, they are a very new player who is playing there first dozen sit n goes.

Go ahead check it out. I figured out Full Tilts software long ago.