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Saturday, July 17, 2010

U.S. Players Getting BS'ed

So more and more I am seeing it happen that a foreign non U.S. player hits there miracle card or cards as runner runner seems to come very often lately. Now here is the thing I have been checking. The final table of EVERY single tournament I have played the last two week was made up of Non U.S. Players. So even when I go out I sit back and see what happens and in EVERY (I would say about 30 tournaments of more than 45 players) tournament the final table was made up of only Non U.S. players.

What made me post about this is the fact that I was just in a 90 person sit n go. I was dominating the tourney. 15 players left. I go out when I call my AK suited for 20K chips all in to a A9 I hit a K on the flop and he got runner runner 9. Okay whatever, I had 60K chips so I am still good.

Next hand. I am small blind with 44 and just call. 3 players in the hand. Flop is J 7 4. I have a set, pretty good money hand for me. I go all in knowing that they should just fold. The first guy folds, the second guy calls for all his chips leaving me with 220 chips and basically out of the tourney. But I am good right I mean bottom set but not likely he has a better set. So...............what does he have???

He has 22. The turn hits another 2 which doesnt bother me, but what does bother me is the river is a 2. What the hell? You are trying to tell me this happened randomly. Heres the best part I try to grab the screen shot and bang the table closes for the final table, so I am pissed about that.

Then comes the great tell all final table. I scroll over each and every player and guess what there are NO U.S. Players in the final table.

Just for giggles. The first hand of the final table saw 4 people all in. The best hand was A6 and the hand that won was an 8 4 off suit. There is no way these foreign players are winning randomly. I honestly believe that FT is trying to push all US players off the site OR they are making sure that we all deposit again. Either way something very fishy is going on.

I know I am not the only one noticing this lately. These patterns all started around the beginning of March.