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Saturday, April 6, 2013

I am banned from depositing on Americas Cardroom...

That's right. I had some extra time this weekend and I decided why not put some money on AC after a couple months and see what happens. I log in and my deposit options have been removed. Interesting I think to myself, so I contact there support via IM. After a 5 minute wait for some moron to check my account he comes back and tells me that my account deposit options have been removed since I made "threats" to the website. So at this point I am curious.

I look into my sent items in my email and the only previous time I contacted them was to provide screenshots in a tournament of players that were colluding against the others at the table.

The email a few weeks before that was me simply asking with a screenshot of one of the hands posted below when the last time, if ever, there RNG had been audited. Just so you can see that I was not going crazy and ranting at the site, here is the emails:

"When was the last time your site RNG was audited? I want answers to what is happening. Please see the hand below."

"See the two hands below. The odds of these hands losing are less than 10%. This happened in the course of less than 10 hands. This means that statistically this set of events is happening more often than winning the lottery. Who can I speak to? "

So apparently the above emails were considered "threatening" to the site and they have restricted my account. LOL. Good riddance. Probably the best thing to happen rather than for them to just take another deposit from me.

On a side note, I had tourney bucks still left in my account, and on the first hand I play AQ vs QJ in which I flop two pair, the player, who has no location listed and just recently joined the site ran a straight to his Jack to knock me out.

The site banned me from making deposits based on the "threats" above. THIS IS CLEAR PROOF THAT THEY KNOW AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEIR SITE IS NOT RANDOM. Otherwise, what does it matter? I could claim that they were unrandom and cheaters all day long and if the site really was random they wouldn't care. They would allow someone to examine their RNG with no issue at all. They would explain to me that their RNG was random and recently audited, yet they did no such thing. They simply banned me from making deposits on their site.

To me, this clearly indicates an acknowledgement that their website is rigged and not random. They have something to hide. And apparently they think that by not allowing players to deposit money on the site they can hide it and sweep it under the rug.

Its hard to hide something that had been proven. When players can start calling out what cards will come on the turn and river before they are dealt based on players information such as location and join date, something is clearly wrong. This site has proven to me that it is rigged and all I can say is good riddance to Americas cardroom. This is probably the most rigged site on the internet. Do yourself a favor and if you think about putting money on this site, take a dollar, just one, crumple it up and throw it in the trash.

How did you feel after doing that?

That is what you are doing by depositing on this site.