Welcome to everyone who found the site. Whether you believe its random or you believe its not. Here is some evidence on the site. Based on e-mail from readers I have gotten I will attempt to make this a better all around poker site. Sure beats will still be discussed but maybe we can get some blog reader tourneys going or have blog readers invite others and share there own tourney wins and losses via blogs. Just send me an e-mail I will attempt to create a network of poker blogs.

Believers and.........Non-Believers

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Come on now. Really? If I push this I lose 100% of the time

So today I have lost every race, never hit any straight or flush draws and generally am just getting pissed to the point where I take all my money off the poker sites, deleted this blog, fly to Full Tilt headquarters and smack the hell out of everyone there........on second thought I could go to the world series of poker and just smack all those ripoff artists in the back of their heads just for building this bullshit site. So here we go.

Yeah he has AK which is a better hand than mine...........So what? He should have raised. I raised preflop he called, we both checked the flop and the Q hit the turn. I bet he goes all in, I call. Now at this point he has NO PAIR and he cant hit an ace. So he has essentially 3 kings he can hit or 4 jacks. 7 outs on the river, thats it. And the river hesitation comes and I know before the cards shows that he hit it. The computer hooked his foreign ass up and yup. Thats exactly what happened. Such bullshit. I cant even win with the best hand with one card left to fall. The proof is coming, its going to hit Full Tilt hard. When this blog hits a big time poker magazine (oops wait did I just mention that, yes I did).

Full Tilt makes the unrandom question too easy lately

Lets take this hand. There is not much more proof needed for unrandomness. This is an all in hand, that I push into a horrible donkey. Let me preface this by saying as soon as the guy got into the sit n go I saw that:

A. He was from Russia
B. He has lost a lot of money on here.

So I say to myself "dammit, another foreign player that has lost money, there is a bad beat coming." So I actually win some chips from him which is surprising. Then I get AA and he raises and I am like thank god I might win one of these, he goes all in and I call. HE HAS A FREAKING Q 3 off suit. And hits trip 3's versus my AA. So I think to myself "oh shit, here we go again." And then this happens.
All in preflop because he raised again so I go all in because I know he doesnt have anything. I hit the ace on the flop and think again, I am going to lose this. AND THEN RUNNER RUNNER 7. The odds of which are just not going to happen. Thanks Full Tilt for this perfect example of how unrandom your website actually is.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Literally......Full Tilt owes an explanation for this

I can actually call this shit before it happens. I sharkscoped the guy:

Foreign player.....Check
Lost money on the site.....Check

So hes been pushing crap the whole game. I see that he goes all in again and I think, nah he doesnt have it hes beat. Then I call and I see it AND I SWEAR TO YOU I SAY TO MYSELF HE WILL HIT THE KING ON THE RIVER because he fits the bad beat profile. So the turn comes. And then comes the slight small hesitation before the river cards is shown and I know it already. I got up and walked away before I saw it, turned around and looked and BAM there it is. I can actually call these beats. I am getting good at it. If only I could see the players that I am playing before I register for the tourney I think I could actually pick who I would win against and who I would lose against. I may look into getting that video software so that I can talk along live and call the beats before they happen. I wonder how Full Tilt could explain that happening???

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Last Post.....at least this week

I physically cant do it anymore. I am down more than 100 dollars today and have lost with the best hand each and every time. In fact the beats are down right ridiculous. I just lost the last heads up with QQ all in versus a J3. He runs threes. Before that in a 11 dollar tourney my AA of which we saw the flopped and I hit trip aces lost to a 45 in which a straight flush ran out. The last hand I played was AQ hearts pushed all in to a flop of 10 J Q two hearts.....think about my outs there.....I DONT LOSE THAT HAND. But on FT I got called by a Q 7 off suit and wouldnt you know it, I hit my flush on the turn with a 7 and he hits a 7 on the river for a boat. I physically cant take it anymore.

FULL TILT IS NOT RANDOM. I can prove it. This site proves it, hundreds of other players agree.

My offer stands for bitch ass HOWARD LEDERER to come to my house stand there and watch the cards fall and still claim that this site that he started is anywhere near random. In fact it is getting worse. The beats are so bad at this point that ANY RANDOM COMPANY would never certify this site as being random. This is why the servers moved out of the US. So they could cheat people out of there money. If banning all online poker is what it takes to shut full tilt down I am all for it. These guys are crooks and need regulation.

Another all in preflop call where words are not necessary

As NO ONE makes the call unless they know whats coming.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh yeah even at final tables

Three outers always show up. This is how I go out of tourneys ALL THE TIME. I want this to be seen that I ALWAYS play the best hand, but yet I always lose. By the way check the guy out.

Foreign player.........check
Lost money on the site.....Check

Amazing how these two distinct factors are always in play when this happens. By the way the very next hand he pushed AK into someone elses A9 and won again. Then three hands later he pushed A5 into AK and he won again..........hey Full Tilt please explain those odds to me.....I am collecting enough info here to prove FT is as fake as hell and they are crooks.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seriously...If any lawyer wants to class action FT

I am ALL IN. This is fucking ridiculous. AA losing to a 45?????? WHO THE FUCK CALLS WITH A 45? You ONLY do this if you know whats coming. No one does that shit preflop. But yet this guy did and he hit it. This is within about 15 minutes from my last post....odds say this cant happen.....but on FULL TILT it happens all the time.

Yes this actually happened

Now, let me put this in context. I am in the big blind, in about 13th of 17 people left in this 90 person. I am in the blind which is costing me more than 10% of my chips. This guy just calls the blind so I go all in. Without hesitation he calls with this preflop. Think how many times you have won a hand like this. I can honestly say I have NEVER won this hand. Maybe its because I wouldnt play with those cards, but if I did I GUARANTEE I lose.

Now lets see. Does this guy fit the formula. Foreign Player? Check. Lost money on Full Tilt? Check. Amazing how this is he formula for a bad beat isnt it?

Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Ability /100 Network Filter
olesbikodela 71 -$2 $3 -84% -$156 Super Tilt 50 FullTilt x

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FT Can you just be a little random?

One heads up match.......does the best hand ever win? Yes these were all in hands. YES THIS IS WHAT JACK OFF CALLED ALL IN WITH. Do you do this without knowing what cards are coming.....probably not. But more proof that the best hand rarely VERY RARELY wins on this site. Instead it is determined by how much money has been lost.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Make A Deposit

And I decide to see whats happening on FT. Surely they should have fixed some of the randomness issues by now right? I mean people are definitely starting to notice. Well buckle up because here we go. The first game my AA all in preflop gets called by three people. The hands are 69, 67, and K9 SWEAR TO GOD this is what people are calling all in with. 67 runner runner hits his straight. Okay. Sorry I couldnt get a screen shot, FT decided that after that beat I needed to be moved to another table.......interesting.

Doesnt matter much though, I go to play a heads up. Yes, this is an all in preflop. SO I have to ask the question of why does this never happen for me? Its interesting.

WOW! So I lose a hand to a three outer in which they hit 2 out of three of the outs they needed. Maybe it happens........BUT:

- He was Foreign
- He has lost a lot of money on the site


So let me get this right. This guy "randomly" decides to call my all in reraise preflop with a J8. There is just no way.

Does he fit the predetermined bad beat profile. Indeed.

- Foreign Player
- Has lost money on the site

So thats my day on FT again. Three games. Three hands far and away better than then hands they went up against and three losses. Thanks FT. I can see your site is only becoming more unrandom as time goes by. Eventually your greed and unrandomness to make more money will be the downfall of the site.