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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Richard Thinks It would be Bad Business

"You guys are joking right? Hundreds of thousands of people play on this site - they've literally had single played hands between players worth 1 million dollars. Do you really think they give two donkey's uncles about you and your couple hundred, or even thousands of dollars? You guys need a dose in reality and the business world.
Also - online poker has revolutionized the spped at which poker is played - when you are playing thousands of hands in a short time, expect crazy and varried results. You probably dont remember all the times where you won 10 hands in a row is my guess."

You are a moron if you dont realize that you just brought up the reason that FT is rigged. BUSINESS. You do realize that the goal of a business is to make money right? Not only that but the goal is to maximize and increase profits in a business. How do you do that when you run a poker website?? Simply put at some point new people are going to stop registering for the site, therefore you reach the maximum number of players and at this point your profits would become stagnant if everything stayed the same. In other words if good players won as odds say they should and bad players lost then you would reach a maximum expected profit quite quickly. So what has to be done to continue to profit is alterations of the code. Now what I do is allow bad players to win once in a while with miracle runner runners and one out river cards and they CONTINUE TO PLAY. The good players who should have won that hand write it off to a bad beat and deposit more money and continue to play. Simply by adding this feature in FT can squeeze more profit from the site. Not to mention.....throw is some players employed by FT who play on the site and keep their profits and you have a HUGE reason for FT to rig the games as they keep the proft. And yes, FT does employ players to fill their electronie seats. They have admitted this. Casinos do the same thing. FT pays them to play. They keep their pay, FT keeps the profits. You dont think there is an advantage to a company in having their employees win big money? Ask yourself this. In all the games you have played and all the people you know that have played on the site, how many people do you know, personally, that have come away with multi thousand dollar wins? I know of not one.