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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Darren Believes in Full Tilt........

Darren said...Mega-Grinders of all stake levels have analyzed millions of hands, nothing has jumped out as contrary to basic math and probability. Your "proof" is to connect a bad beat with a bad, losing player, and claim the site is rewarding them, on purpose, by "fixing the deck"? Seriously.
Let's go with that theory: as "proof" of rigg1dn3ss you mention that someone who delivered a Bad Beat to you is a LOSING player on Sharkscope. Okay, well let's see how you got your logic might have been spun around...
Any BAD player is going to be in pots more often with "bad" draws than the good players (who will fold a turn pot-sized bet when they have virtually any draw) so this means that a larger percentage of your own personally-experienced Bad Beats WILL BE at the hands of bad players, those who should never have stayed in the hand. AND THAT IS WHY THEY ARE LOSING PLAYERS.
Thinking the site is rewarding a bad player occasionally to keep them optimistic and redepositing etc. etc = bad logic. What is happening is simple MATH. The more a bad player chases bad, the more often he will end up winning a pot... in raw numbers. But as a PERCENTAGE of total "chances" to hit, if they have 9 outs on the turn for their flush with no overs, they will be hitting <20% of the time, period, 4 out of 5 times they will miss. 
July 15, 2010 2:11 PM
You sir are a moron. I am not even trying to be rude. But you just said that no one has found anything wrong with the math. Please do an internet search. As a matter of FACT you do realize that quite a few major college students have done their term papers and MBA research on this very topic. Go ahead search. They have found that Full Tilt is NOT STATISTICALLY RANDOM. If it were then if and when a player such as myself makes a bad call then I would hit sometimes. The truth is if I push the worst hand I lose. Period. If my AK goes up against QQ on this site. I lose. I dont win it. I mean ever. And a lot of people are seeing the same thing I do.
The fact that you found this site at all shows that you have experienced this and were LOOKING FOR PROOF. Well its all here. I mean hell, look at the post right beneath this one. I could run cards from a real live deck all day and probably not repeat what happened in that hand.

So explain it to me wise one. If its not random and I cant duplicate it even after hundreds of hands. Why did it happen there on only my second hand played for the day in which I made the correct push all in and he basically didnt have much of a chance at all to win that hand. He HAD to have runner runner to win. But I guess thats random..get the f out of here with that BS.

Havent posted in a while, but this is just ridiculous

Yup I hit the nuts on the flop............AND IT RUNS A BOAT FOR THIS DONKEY. If you believe this is random I will sell you a 3,000 acre piece of the ocean for a couple grand.