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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Full Tilt Rigged Confirmed??

Anyone know where this post came from or where this guys blog is? Thanks for the e-mail whoever sent it:

Bob Smith

Their are many folk out there arguing about if online poker is rigged or not…I wold like to help put this to rest by stating that it is rigged in many different ways. i helped write some of the software for tiltware LLC…while working on the fulltilt site some of the other programmers and i were asked to install programming into the software that would recognize certain players and provide them with unbeatable hands. we were also asked to develope software that would provide what they called the”maximum oppurtunity to bet” which meant that the deals are rigged to deal out alot of good starting hands to alot of players so that the most betting possible would take place on every deal. The deal would then provide a monster flop in which atleast two players would be all in before the river.(ever wonder why nobody ever misses the flop online…because then no one would bet and that is not what fulltilt wants) This keeps the tourneys fast paced and exciting which players love. Fulltilt loves this too, the faster you lose the faster they can make more money off you by having enter another tourney.
There is also another way fulltilt cheats you out of cash with their own personal players. These players are called house players and are fulltime employees of the Fulltilt compnay. If you check some names and their online wins vs. loss records you will often find them with records that are simply unreal. I have seen some of these folks who win over 50 straight sessions without a loss…how can this be possible unless they are working on the inside. They come and go and change their names often but they play in the site with the full adavantage of being able to see all the cards in play and in the deck.
Another programming trick we wrote into the software at fulltilt is the levels trick…this trick takes place when a tournament has been running after the first break. The computer recognizes the different size of each players chip stack and begins to deal out hands in which a small stack will shove all in and a large stack will have a better hand to call with. Have you ever wondered why you get pocekt QQs with 1500 chips and the guy next to you gets pockets KKs and he has 10,000 chips? The answer is simple the site is programmed to get you to play as much as possible. So we programmed the site to eliminate the small stack as quickly as possible so that they can go enter another tourney asap. The site is even prgrammed to adjust the flop for big stacks so that even if the big stack calls your hand with nothing he will end up beating your good made hand by the river. Often times the site will deal you back to back hands with the same cards but maybe different colors or suits..this “glitch” is a sign that the computer is adjusting the shuffle to start elimnting small stacks and allow the tourney to finish quicker.
The sooner a tournament is done the faster fulltilt can have you back at another table spending more money…it is to this sites best interested to eliminate you from tables as fast as possbile. There is no one to regulate how the company manipulates the software to thier own advantage. There is no one to monitor how the company pays out its players and employees. Simply put, giving some offshore account your hard earned cash is simply insane. Thinking that these people arent cheating you out of your money is crazy, the site has many layers of hidden programming all set up to take full adavantage of all types of players from novice to expert.
the main reason i wrote this blog is to expose the fraud that takes place at online gaming site known as Fulltilt poker i was fired three months ago from the company that helped write the software..yes i am bitter and mad but i do fell everyone so know how bad fulltilt is and that is a site built by THIEVES!!


I decided that I do need to start posting again as soon as FT created there "new" software. The beats have been coming fast and furious. If anyone that has played on the site in the last three weeks still claims that the site is random then they are naive.

The fact of the matter is Full Tilt's "new" software did nothing more than add more unrandom cards and bad beats to speed up the game play. If you didnt notice this then again you are naive as watching a flying pig and saying pigs cant fly. The software is more and more unrandom and the tourneys are finished MUCH quicker.

The cards that fall are also more and more questionable. I mean honestly I play a game today and I have AA and have 4 people call my all in preflop. The callers have KK, QQ, and 45 unsuited. WTF? Yes you read that right 45 unsuited.....so of course everyone else is calling. The flop is Q 3 9. Q is good right? Nah. Turn is a 7 and the river is the 6. 45 wins. Takes three people out when he should not have made the call anyway. Hmmm.

So I am down about 200 bucks this weekend already. Then I play heads ups which i rarely lose.

This guy from Germany and has lost money (please read my other posts as I have figured out full tilts formula for beats). The first heads up I have KK and he has 83 and calls my preflop raise. Flop is K 8 3 I bet he goes all in and I call. Runner runner 8. Okay I say, guy hit quads it happens on some random planets in other solar systems some times...

I play him again and have AA on the fourth hand of the game. All in, he calls with QQ and the result is below:

Now since it as a known fact that quads happen:

Four of a kind 624 in 2,598,960 0 .0240%

What this means according to full tilt is that a hand that happens once every 4165 hands........happened twice RANDOMLY in about 10 hands. That is pretty amazing for "random" cards. It also means that no one should see anyone have quads within about 10 minutes of this post but I am sure that will happen. Because simply put:


Friday, January 16, 2009

New Goal

Yes, I am all for poker, I joined the Poker Players Alliance, I sent those wonderful mailings in support of poker. But after having so many loses this week, I have a new direction and my goal right now at this point in time is to SHUT FULL TILT DOWN. Live games I am all for. But Full Tilt has become blatant in their bull shit against players that have made a profit on their site. This morning I have lost 5 heads up games in a row. With the best hand down to the RIVER the odds of this happening alone are impossible, lose every hand on the river? While making huge bets that a LIVE person would not call. Thats right I am of the belief that there are definitely programs playing making full tilt money OR the players are running cheating programs that allow them to see others cards. And heres the kicker full tilt is doing nothing about it. This site needs to be shut down until a little truth is brought back into the game. Hand below..........no one calls if they dont know what is coming....

Full Tilt Poker Game #10072125215: $6 + $0.25 Heads Up Sit & Go (76451089), Table 1 - 15/30 - No Limit Hold'em - 9:49:53 ET - 2009/01/16
Seat 1: Crazydiggity (1,515)
Seat 2: XXLoesche (1,485)
Crazydiggity posts the small blind of 15
XXLoesche posts the big blind of 30
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Crazydiggity [Ah 5s]
Crazydiggity calls 15
XXLoesche raises to 120
Crazydiggity calls 90
*** FLOP *** [Ad 7h Jc]
XXLoesche checks
Crazydiggity bets 240
XXLoesche calls 240
*** TURN *** [Ad 7h Jc] [4s]
XXLoesche checks
Crazydiggity bets 720
XXLoesche calls 720
*** RIVER *** [Ad 7h Jc 4s] [Qd]
XXLoesche checks
Crazydiggity bets 404
XXLoesche raises to 405, and is all in
Crazydiggity calls 1
*** SHOW DOWN ***
XXLoesche shows [Qh Jh] two pair, Queens and Jacks
Crazydiggity shows [Ah 5s] a pair of Aces
XXLoesche wins the pot (2,970) with two pair, Queens and Jacks
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 2,970 | Rake 0
Board: [Ad 7h Jc 4s Qd]
Seat 1: Crazydiggity (small blind) showed [Ah 5s] and lost with a pair of Aces
Seat 2: XXLoesche (big blind) showed [Qh Jh] and won (2,970) with two pair, Queens and Jacks