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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I get back on after months off and....

Yup. Still happening. Before the rebuys have even stopped. I am out. This guy hit trip 7's two hands before this one. Can it be more clearly rigged? I have AA. I should feel pretty dam confident with this hand. But I knew I would lose. I can feel it now. I hope on a table I know when I am going to win and lose a hand before it plays out. This site in particular is now worse than Full Tilt. There are only certain players that win ALL THE TIME.

These players arent "better" than most of the players, in actuality they are worse. This guy in the picture, he wins all the time, however he plays the worst hands. He is either given the cards to win, or he knows what is coming. I mean hitting trips means you have one or two outs tops. You are talking about 8% hands at best, and normally 2%. Yet, in this tourney alone, one of the first I have played in months, he hits trips twice withikn 3 hands.

Someone please explain it...