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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Saturday, June 16, 2012

ACES Continue to Lose

Yes, this was all in preflop. Yes, I typed in the box before the cards hit that a King would come. Yes, I knew I would lose this hand. Why you may ask yourself? Because it is written into the code.

I had about 150 chips less than this guy. We are maybe 20 people from the money and why do I lose? Because the bigger stack will always win. This allows the tourney to move faster, so that people have to rebuy and play other tourneys.


Its part of the software and is code that is written in. Simply put I have actually reached the point where if I am chip leader at my table 15-20 places before the money I will call each and every all in that happens, no matter what I have. If I have 2 7 off all in. I will win, I know it. People call me crazy when I point these things out and then call me a genius when I prove it to them in these games.

As an example I was at a table the tourney before this one, had three people all in, 5 spots from the money. I sat there with a 48 off suit and called there all ins. The all in hands were JJ, A 10, and KQ. I should lose this hand right? Nope. The flop is 982, turn K, river 8. Yup. I know it was coming. It is truly one of the unrandom codes that I can confirm is fixed in this site.