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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Evidence continues to flow in quickly...

This is a dropbox links to cheat files or "god" programs where the player cannot lose. The evidence is unreal...


Another link to enjoy about the developing scandal...

Yes. Online poker has been confirmed to be 100% rigged ladies and gentleman. Enjoy. This is a day of redemption for yours truly. Here is some background info on when this all started. FIVE years ago!!




Yes. People got on here and posted comments to my posts. They called me crazy. They said no one would risk all of the things that I was claiming. That online poker was legitimate because it wouldn't make sense to cheat.

Well this week a series of recording from poker site executives was released which confirms 100% what I have been claiming for years on this blog. It is not random:

- Certain players are unbeatable
- There are indeed house players that take regular players money with unbeatable hand to return it to the house.
- Specific players can be targeted and their accounts taken to a zero balance with ease.
- Poker pros and sponsored players of the site are given unbeatable cards.


There are no more questions to be asked.

Here is a link to one of the articles. Go ahead do some research, listen to the recordings, these are executives talking about you and your money on a poker site and how they can spin the findings that were posted to say their site is random and this is simply a statistical anomaly. LOL. Go back to my very first post...years ago...this is redemption. This is confirmation.


Everyone who posted a comment that this is normal variance....sorry your wrong.

Its random....nope its not.

I am just remembering bad beats...nope sorry.

This is 100% proof that the poker sites target specific players and that they can also give certain players unbeatable hands. This is 100% proof that they have meetings about how to lie to players about "variance" and "statistical anomalies". Enjoy everyone who believes that online poker has to be fake. Listen to the poker execs talking about how to spin the "cheats" so that people believe they are still random.

Oh redemption and validation is so so sweet.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I am banned from depositing on Americas Cardroom...

That's right. I had some extra time this weekend and I decided why not put some money on AC after a couple months and see what happens. I log in and my deposit options have been removed. Interesting I think to myself, so I contact there support via IM. After a 5 minute wait for some moron to check my account he comes back and tells me that my account deposit options have been removed since I made "threats" to the website. So at this point I am curious.

I look into my sent items in my email and the only previous time I contacted them was to provide screenshots in a tournament of players that were colluding against the others at the table.

The email a few weeks before that was me simply asking with a screenshot of one of the hands posted below when the last time, if ever, there RNG had been audited. Just so you can see that I was not going crazy and ranting at the site, here is the emails:

"When was the last time your site RNG was audited? I want answers to what is happening. Please see the hand below."

"See the two hands below. The odds of these hands losing are less than 10%. This happened in the course of less than 10 hands. This means that statistically this set of events is happening more often than winning the lottery. Who can I speak to? "

So apparently the above emails were considered "threatening" to the site and they have restricted my account. LOL. Good riddance. Probably the best thing to happen rather than for them to just take another deposit from me.

On a side note, I had tourney bucks still left in my account, and on the first hand I play AQ vs QJ in which I flop two pair, the player, who has no location listed and just recently joined the site ran a straight to his Jack to knock me out.

The site banned me from making deposits based on the "threats" above. THIS IS CLEAR PROOF THAT THEY KNOW AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEIR SITE IS NOT RANDOM. Otherwise, what does it matter? I could claim that they were unrandom and cheaters all day long and if the site really was random they wouldn't care. They would allow someone to examine their RNG with no issue at all. They would explain to me that their RNG was random and recently audited, yet they did no such thing. They simply banned me from making deposits on their site.

To me, this clearly indicates an acknowledgement that their website is rigged and not random. They have something to hide. And apparently they think that by not allowing players to deposit money on the site they can hide it and sweep it under the rug.

Its hard to hide something that had been proven. When players can start calling out what cards will come on the turn and river before they are dealt based on players information such as location and join date, something is clearly wrong. This site has proven to me that it is rigged and all I can say is good riddance to Americas cardroom. This is probably the most rigged site on the internet. Do yourself a favor and if you think about putting money on this site, take a dollar, just one, crumple it up and throw it in the trash.

How did you feel after doing that?

That is what you are doing by depositing on this site.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Variance and the online poker myth

I have read quite a few articles lately and even received an email reply back from Americas Cardroom when I bubbled in a tourney holding quad Kings that Variance is the reason for the bad beats. Variance is the go to answer for those people that claim that online poker is not rigged. They say "your just angry because you go a bad beat" or "if you cant handle the beats then dont play poker". The thing is the "variance" they mention doesnt stop. If this were true "variance" then eventually you would run into good variance and win every coin flip and every dominated hand you play.

However, we all know this is not happening. So I got curious the past few months and got a tracker. I can confirm now that all the major online poker sites are clearly and completed rigged for American players. All the players that talk a big game online and act like they make so much money and claim "its not rigged you cant handle the beats". Well, I put those players in pokertracker to see if they have actually made money.

I did not find one player who was actually positive.

Let me type that one more time so it sinks in.....NOT ONE PLAYER HAD MADE A PROFIT.

So I started putting more and more names in, no one has made money. People type in the chat that they take 2-300 bucks off a month. Yeah, well when you lose 4-500 bucks a month just because you take the money off doesnt mean you make money. This is the hard truth, it really is.

Where is our money going? If no one is making money, and we all seem to be losing money, then where is all our money?

The only thing I can figure is that it is all going to the house players and back to the house. This is the only logical answer. If you have any other opinions as to where our money is going please let me know.

As always here are some beats that I love:

Aces vs 89 all in preflop. Yes PREFLOP. Guy called an 89. Why would someone do that? I saved this hand as it marks exactly seven times in a row that pocket aces have lost on this site all in preflop. I wonder how long this streak can continue?

This next beat is on the bubble practically. Two people from the money. This is the hand I sent to the site to see what there response is. I actually typed in the chat box that the guy had an underpair and would hit his one or two outer. I typed this at least 45 seconds before the cards were dealt as another player let his time bank run down. If this is truly random then how can I state when I will lose and what cards will be dealt? Someone please tell me this? Its because its not random. Its all programmed and no matter how you play you will lose.
By the way the hand below and the hand above occurred within about 3 hands of each other. Making the odds even more improbable that this happens randomly.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I get back on after months off and....

Yup. Still happening. Before the rebuys have even stopped. I am out. This guy hit trip 7's two hands before this one. Can it be more clearly rigged? I have AA. I should feel pretty dam confident with this hand. But I knew I would lose. I can feel it now. I hope on a table I know when I am going to win and lose a hand before it plays out. This site in particular is now worse than Full Tilt. There are only certain players that win ALL THE TIME.

These players arent "better" than most of the players, in actuality they are worse. This guy in the picture, he wins all the time, however he plays the worst hands. He is either given the cards to win, or he knows what is coming. I mean hitting trips means you have one or two outs tops. You are talking about 8% hands at best, and normally 2%. Yet, in this tourney alone, one of the first I have played in months, he hits trips twice withikn 3 hands.

Someone please explain it...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

ACES Continue to Lose

Yes, this was all in preflop. Yes, I typed in the box before the cards hit that a King would come. Yes, I knew I would lose this hand. Why you may ask yourself? Because it is written into the code.

I had about 150 chips less than this guy. We are maybe 20 people from the money and why do I lose? Because the bigger stack will always win. This allows the tourney to move faster, so that people have to rebuy and play other tourneys.


Its part of the software and is code that is written in. Simply put I have actually reached the point where if I am chip leader at my table 15-20 places before the money I will call each and every all in that happens, no matter what I have. If I have 2 7 off all in. I will win, I know it. People call me crazy when I point these things out and then call me a genius when I prove it to them in these games.

As an example I was at a table the tourney before this one, had three people all in, 5 spots from the money. I sat there with a 48 off suit and called there all ins. The all in hands were JJ, A 10, and KQ. I should lose this hand right? Nope. The flop is 982, turn K, river 8. Yup. I know it was coming. It is truly one of the unrandom codes that I can confirm is fixed in this site.