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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Richard Thinks It would be Bad Business

"You guys are joking right? Hundreds of thousands of people play on this site - they've literally had single played hands between players worth 1 million dollars. Do you really think they give two donkey's uncles about you and your couple hundred, or even thousands of dollars? You guys need a dose in reality and the business world.
Also - online poker has revolutionized the spped at which poker is played - when you are playing thousands of hands in a short time, expect crazy and varried results. You probably dont remember all the times where you won 10 hands in a row is my guess."

You are a moron if you dont realize that you just brought up the reason that FT is rigged. BUSINESS. You do realize that the goal of a business is to make money right? Not only that but the goal is to maximize and increase profits in a business. How do you do that when you run a poker website?? Simply put at some point new people are going to stop registering for the site, therefore you reach the maximum number of players and at this point your profits would become stagnant if everything stayed the same. In other words if good players won as odds say they should and bad players lost then you would reach a maximum expected profit quite quickly. So what has to be done to continue to profit is alterations of the code. Now what I do is allow bad players to win once in a while with miracle runner runners and one out river cards and they CONTINUE TO PLAY. The good players who should have won that hand write it off to a bad beat and deposit more money and continue to play. Simply by adding this feature in FT can squeeze more profit from the site. Not to mention.....throw is some players employed by FT who play on the site and keep their profits and you have a HUGE reason for FT to rig the games as they keep the proft. And yes, FT does employ players to fill their electronie seats. They have admitted this. Casinos do the same thing. FT pays them to play. They keep their pay, FT keeps the profits. You dont think there is an advantage to a company in having their employees win big money? Ask yourself this. In all the games you have played and all the people you know that have played on the site, how many people do you know, personally, that have come away with multi thousand dollar wins? I know of not one.


parisioncrack said...

Richard, you're a schill for FT. Like everyone says, why would any winning player bother reading this site, much less post on it?

How would "winning" online players even find this site unless they googled "full tilt rigged"? (which is how I found this blog). Those schmucks were probably wondering if it was rigged or trying to find out why they keep losing to bullshit online. (Hint: The odds are a fuckin joke! 80%-88% favorite loses 80% of the time)

Richard, you're a LOSER!

P.S. Thanks for making a post today on this NFL Champsionship Sunday. That's why I'm up early.


Be4westart said...

I dont care wat you think your logic is its rigid i dont even have to say y i uninstalled never to be played again. "ftp" you sux give the little guy a chance lol

Ur#1SuperHero said...

i dont know about rigged , but it is unrealistic (weather on purpose or not) i dont know.. the times AA comes up 3-4 hands in a row .. or when ever u have a pocket pairs QQ .. %90 of the time 2-3 others have pocket pairs KK 66 77... it just doesnt happen that often.. i havnt just lost and bitter about anything i was curious if any1 else noticed this.

666dorado said...

the best way to test this is to open multiple accounts, which i know is not allowed.

but in another site years ago, i had multiple accounts. as soon as the hands were not going my way, i'd switch accounts and sit in my same "seat" at the same tables with the same people and suddenly my "luck" changed.

how is this possible in real life? you can't change accounts in real life. YOU are YOU. but somehow in the online world, this makes a difference.

that's because the software has to mathematically calculate and rank the outcome of every hand so it knows who will eventually be the winner. someone is getting dealt the best hand, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. (including ties). and the software knows who will have those hands even before the players see the deal and actually play the hand.

now, this doesn't mean the outcome is pre determined, but the deal is. and it's so easy to manipulate who will be favored throughout a particular session or number of hands.

let's say i started a website where you bet on coin flips. you could argue that in real life every coin flip is 50/50. but let's say that you and others are betting on the coin flips over a period of time.

i could program that virtual coin flip to have the results tilted against you let's say 70% of the time. and there's no way you can prove otherwise. because all anyone would have to say is that in real life you could lose 70% of the time. then i could flip it the other way so nobody would suspect it.

and on top of that, i could have my bank accounts off shore away from any regulatory authority. it wouldn't matter anyway, since once you deposit your money, it's basically mine. you just have to figure out how to get it back.

notice that the sites make it extremely difficult for you to cash out?

666dorado said...

slot machines world wide are rigged to pay out less than 100% over time. this is a well known fact.

yet people continue to play.

why is it so hard to accept that this happens in online poker.

do you think the casino video poker machines where you play against the computer are NOT rigged in their favor??

you'd be naive to think that there is no manipulation and that everything is totally random, especially a business that is based off shore outside any u.s. regulation.

hell, american companies do it all the time (enron, worldcom, goldman sachs) and for the most part do get away with their shenanigans.

Ur#1SuperHero said...

true its a buisness 1st , poker site second. if u receive rackback and win somthing in a freeroll it gets taken out of your rake. they also spend the money everyone has on fulltilt on investments non re-lated to poker. ud be neive to belive online pokersites are %100 genuine.