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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Doyles Room Review

Doyles room is better than Full Tilt Poker or Pokerstars could ever wish to be. Thats my personal opinion. The one flaw of the site is that there arent that many people on at one time. The positives however are:

- The site actually seems to play the closest to real poker I have ever played online.

- Tourneys and cash games feel more real as well. Dont expect to get in a tournament where only 60 people are registered and have it be completed in one hour. Its not going to happen. You will be playing this tourney for 3-4 hours to win. Just like real poker. Compare this to Full Tilt where you could expect a tournament with 600 people to take maybe 3 hours.

- Beats. I am not going to say I havent had my share of bad beats on this site. I have. BUT and here is the big BUT, it happens far less often and with far less craziness than on other sites. If I push a set of 5's after the flop and someone else push's a flush draw I am going to lose that sometimes. Its expected. However, if like on FT I have AA and get called by someone who didnt even hit a pair on the flop. The game has not runner runnered me.......yet.

So what are the negatives to getting on this site. The "fake but not fake" players as I like to call them. There is an ever growing number of players whose names start with VE or BKR. In reading many posts on the internet and researching it appears that these players are all from South America and actually get paid to play online poker. They get staked and get paid a hourly wage (something like 20 cents an hour which is actually probably a decent salary). There winnings if any all then go back to the companies or people that have hired them to play on the sites. If you log on in the early morning or late at night you may literally sit at a 9 person table that looks like this:

and me

And it sucks because you dont know if these players truly are all sitting together and sharing hands and cards. Thankfully most of them are pretty bad and get all there money in the pot with the worst hand. So its quite easy to pull decent earning from these guys. Where it gets bad is in rebuy tourneys when they can just keep pushing all in hoping to get lucky and rebuy when they go out. If anyone knows anymore about these strange players let me know.

Since I have not been posting very often and Doyles rooms last hand part of the software is horrible to get screenshots to post on here. I will give a guy a shout who owns this blog:


He seems to post a lot and has pictures of hot asian chicks. So enjoy as it looks like he posts everyday.

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mike said...

full tilt was the best site for graphcs and options. no site is even close to it. they all look like kid games compared to it. the play chips were run thru 3 computers each hand. wake up