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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Evidence continues to flow in quickly...

This is a dropbox links to cheat files or "god" programs where the player cannot lose. The evidence is unreal...



Edward Snowden said...

Hello my name is (CENSORED), it is important for me to start off by saying I work for and engineer such online poker sites. With that being said, I have many answers and advice for people who believe our sites are rigged to an advantage.
You will notice our games do not reflect the same realism or aspect to those played in a casino or with peers. This is for the house advantage, the house needs to bring money in for the site and is shareholders...trust me it's not cheap keeping up in a competitive online business. The games are not rigged but they are set up to benefit the high rollers and the customers we know will contribute towards the sites earnings. We don't like people coming to the site to "make a quick buck and then run". We also control every game of every stake, there are many Automated System Players (ASP's) we set up to collect your funds. The funds collected by each ASP is what keeps the sites running and the shareholders wealthy.
We can control every card of every hand to ensure you get a hand we know you will spend your funds on, this then gives our ASP the advantage to collect from you. For example: You may have gone all in on a previous high hand such as aces or kings so the system now recognizes this and our ASP will go all in with a 2-7. We can now control the flop to benefit the ASP so we get your funds, it's not rigged but its set up to trick you. I have noticed many of you think it's the cards that are set up but its all based on you as a player and the moves we know you will commit your funds to. It's no different than a food commercial on tv or any other advertisement that causes a subliminal thought or an urge. My advice is if you want to succeed on an online poker site you will first have to lose before you can win, as long as the sites know you will keep spending your funds they will do whatever it takes to keep you coming back. That's why there is so much spam and pop up ads trying to direct your attention. We don't have to offer you a true poker experience, as long as there are more losers than winners we will get rich while you get poor. I can easily go on to the site and make my paycheck playing poker against you, while controlling the game to make you angry...

...I can give you two aces five times in a row and make you lose to whatever I have, there are thousands of us on there controlling your funds from our own home.

Yes it is a scam but we are rich and nothing can stop us.

Mary Louis said...

this explains why when im in an expensive tournament and im on a roll immediately after a break i get 2 aces i go all in, i get called by a 2-10 and the flop is ace 2 2 2 10. the online poker sites are all cheesey and poorly maintained thats why i stopped and only play in person in a casino. online poker sites should be banned especially full tilt. if you need to pay celebreties to wear your shit and go on your tv commercials then you are trying to hard to cover something up. i reccommend people stay away from full tilt poker and 888 poker, they are run by the same server commands and their payouts involve a lot of back room handshakes to benefit themselves.

mike carbon said...

did you know that full tilt is banned in the usa because they got caught scamming people like this and the american government is the only government who sued the site. i used to install programming for poker sites and we were supposed to ensure house majority wins. my boss at the time said no to full tilt so he got fired. the canadian government allowed this as long as full tilt poker pays a canadian tax for profits. my brother is an it defence lawyer and i read the documents where the canadian government said its ok to scam people for their hard earned money as long as the government profits off it. also, did you know originally the profits were supposed to contribute to the financial debt of the country. instead it pays for private jets, meals and accomidations for high up political parties. ive read the tax write offs and witnessed the backroom handshakes myself. i cant say who i am but i can guarantee this is all accurate. its not online poker its considered a legal scam approved by the government to benefit their income. ive seen the bank statements and phished the hidden emails along with a private investigation unit. BEWARE FULL TILT POKER ONLINE COMMUNITY IS CURRENTLY UNDER INVESTIGATION. banned in the usa because they were caught, pass this along on facebook, twitter and other social media and watch how quickley the sites fall. good luck everyone, nothing will be done until we the people start standing up for our rights. this is the 1800's anymore.

mike carbon said...

Im not sure how to post a blog so I will just comment. YES FULL TILT IS RIGGED. Here is why. The owners Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson openly admitted that the site did not have the funds to cover winnings therefore they had to collect before they could pay out. In an interview(easily searchable online) Howard Lederer admits he does not care about the poker community, only the sites CFO, CEO and shared partner Chris Ferguson. He also stated he does not like black people and black people are not welcome to play on Full Tilt Poker. Its disgusting and TRUE!!! Take the time to research the facts and see for yourself.

Colin Fraser said...

I received an email from Full Tilt Poker and here it is.

According to our records you have attempted to withdrawl from our site $2,760 on 07/14/2013. This attempt has been denied and your account has been closed due to fraudulent gameplay. We feel you have cheated at our tables, though it is unclear how, we reserve the right to deny any players we wish without reason. Our system set up your match to result in a losing hand which you somehow won, we feel the probability of cheating is high so we have reversed all funds in your account and removed you from our system. blah blah blah...Then at the very bottom it says;
We do not have to pay your winnings if we dont want to, we can do this without reason as stated in the terms and conditions available only by request.

This was sent from donotreply@fulltiltpoker

So I contacted customer service and they refused to answer my questions, I phoned them directly and they hung up on me 3 times as soon as I told them my info. I was pissed because I won the money I did not cheat, I dont think you can cheat online poker but they told me in the email I was set up to lose which makes me very suspicious...what do you mean I was set up to lose? That there alone tells me they make people lose on demand. I contacted a local lawyer he contacted the site and they hung the phone up on him multiple times. I created a new account and contacted customer service and the lady told me the sitemaster did not want to pay out that much money to a african-american person. I sent the conversation to my lawyer right away. We are now filing a $640,000 lawsuit against Full Tilt Services and their sister sites. They also told me that because I had only deposited $50 on their site that I was not supposed to win a higher amount, high amount winnings are designated for users who make higher deposits. So they try to screw the little guy, the African-Americans and anyone they feel they can scam. BEWARE of this site it has a very bad reputation and all the celebs sponserring it have quit.

muckraker said...

i don't think the sites' RNG's are random at all. they favor aggression. not stupid blind aggrression, though. have you ever tried to slowplay AA? have you ever missed a value bet trying to get to showdown? what happened on the river?

i also believe they can manipulate winning and losing streaks. have you ever run so hot nothing could stop you? have you ever run so horribly bad for twice as long as your run good? ever get the feeling thaere is no in between?

online poker is just another scam you can only make money with by playing 12 hours/day so you can win at least some of the time and lose a lot of the time and still profit.

m3k said...

It's just logical that the on line game is controlled. You have to be real dumb or with personal interest to state otherwise. Imagine a top meeting at pokerstars management in which one of them says:

Hey, I found a way to control the game and make more money out of our online poker bossiness?

How many do you think present there will say, neeeah, let's be fair, we're not here to make money. I mean there is this law that prevents us to control the game... and we'll be punished severely if we control the game and profit out of it.

Get your heads out of the oven... it's called capitalism and it's done with style and treachery, unlike communism which is done face front up.

Unknown said...

You people are delusional

Angel Garcia said...

And also obviously horrendous at poker. Just because you're bad doesn't mean the world is conspiring against you. You're just bad. Learn the game. I've played on all these sites and have been a winner. Get over yourselves and read super system.

dhiba sarah said...

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Sapporo toto said...

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Sapporo toto said...

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Paul Hackett said...

As a professional that has played over 5 million hands online at almost every site possible I can safely say that online poker is not rigged. It's pretty simple really. Those of us who do the work and have a good strategy, together with great emotional control win consistently.

You do need to worry about 2 things though.

1) Collusion - Players sharing holecard information and making a innocent player put money in the pot before being forced to fold - But not difficult to spot.

2) Bots - At smaller sites these are common but I don't see this as a problem as a) they are easy to spot and b) they are very easy to exploit and play very badly

That said (2) will be a problem for recreational players as while extremely exploitable they play well enough to beat any non professional (and the lazy mediocre professionals)

jeff kugel said...

so far i have played on three online sites. anyone who thinks these sites arent rigged is a damn fool. its simple, play 100 live hands...and then play 100 hands on a poker site...if you cant spot the difference you are honestly a fool. online at everys site i have played the flop is ALWAYS two to a straight, paired, or suited. They generate action for the rake.
it is extremely easy to spot.
as far as them literally rigging you to lose i dont believe they do that but i absolutely know 100% that the hands are rigged for action. there is a shitload of stuff going on that nobody can explain like how people are calling with stuff like 10-2 and flopping boats, or calling 9-3 off and going runner runner three agaisnt aa for their tournament life...i mean, do you ever see that in live play? no...but you see it over, and over, and over again in every single online game.
you could ask anyone in a live card room how many monster hands got cracked during the course of a tournament...shit, you could ask them how many monster hands were even shown...then watch an online tournament...almost every single hand is a flopped flush losing to a boat or a flopped straight losing to a rivered 3 high flish....wtf...online is garbage ass poker and not real....stay away.

roth phallyka said...

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