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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I decided that I do need to start posting again as soon as FT created there "new" software. The beats have been coming fast and furious. If anyone that has played on the site in the last three weeks still claims that the site is random then they are naive.

The fact of the matter is Full Tilt's "new" software did nothing more than add more unrandom cards and bad beats to speed up the game play. If you didnt notice this then again you are naive as watching a flying pig and saying pigs cant fly. The software is more and more unrandom and the tourneys are finished MUCH quicker.

The cards that fall are also more and more questionable. I mean honestly I play a game today and I have AA and have 4 people call my all in preflop. The callers have KK, QQ, and 45 unsuited. WTF? Yes you read that right 45 unsuited.....so of course everyone else is calling. The flop is Q 3 9. Q is good right? Nah. Turn is a 7 and the river is the 6. 45 wins. Takes three people out when he should not have made the call anyway. Hmmm.

So I am down about 200 bucks this weekend already. Then I play heads ups which i rarely lose.

This guy from Germany and has lost money (please read my other posts as I have figured out full tilts formula for beats). The first heads up I have KK and he has 83 and calls my preflop raise. Flop is K 8 3 I bet he goes all in and I call. Runner runner 8. Okay I say, guy hit quads it happens on some random planets in other solar systems some times...

I play him again and have AA on the fourth hand of the game. All in, he calls with QQ and the result is below:

Now since it as a known fact that quads happen:

Four of a kind 624 in 2,598,960 0 .0240%

What this means according to full tilt is that a hand that happens once every 4165 hands........happened twice RANDOMLY in about 10 hands. That is pretty amazing for "random" cards. It also means that no one should see anyone have quads within about 10 minutes of this post but I am sure that will happen. Because simply put:



Bruce said...

This may be the dumbest thing I have read. Your "Source" who is a programmer, yet cant spell worth shit and has horrible grammer. You obvioulsy wrote the letter yourself. Also, if they were going to rig anything, it wouldnt be tournaments. Why would they care if the flops provided lots of action? The rake is taken from the buy in, so it doesnt matter to them what happens after the tourney starts. The argument that the player busts out quickly so they can reenter another tourney is just dumb. If you were going to make shit up, you should be talking about cash games being rigged. Which they arent.

Bruce said...

Sorry, the above comment was suppose to be left under full tilt is rigged....

stunngun said...

Yep. Totally agree.
I just spent the last of my first deposit on there trying to regain faith in the system. I can't even tell you how many flushes happen on FullTilt.
According to that site, the odds for a flush are 5,112 in 2,598,960. And yet every time I would get trips or a straight, what do you know, there's a flush to beat me.
Not depositing another penny on there.

Joe said...

I've been friends with Mike Matusow,and his brother, Scott, (who does not play poker at all, but is disc Jockey, he does podcasts)for a few years now, since 2006. And Mike did confirm to me in private that Full Tilt Poker is, in fact, rigged. They want the tournaments to end as fast as they can, so the people that lose can enter another tournament and thus, give more money to the site. I asked him this once when we were playing at home over a beer, and he was very cocky about all of this. He asked me,"Have you ever had any bad beats there?(FTP)" and I said,"Yeah. Tons of times." He laughed maniacally and then explained the method, which is too long for me to explain here, regarding the way people are destroyed with staff who can see everyone's cards. On top of that, the deal is not random, but rather, controlled by a human, not a cpu, and that is why you will see 3 or 4 people get knocked out by a guy who goes all in with an 8/3 offsuit or something ridiculous like that.

Habanero Hauteur said...

"The rake is taken from the buy in, so it doesn't matter to them what happens after the tournament starts."
Hold on, wouldn't the rake be more if the site can have 20 tourneys for a given network per given time instead of 15?? It makes a big difference.
A study should be done on the number of hands that a typical tournament takes in full tilt with respect to number of players, I bet it is at least 10%, if not, lower than other sites. Thus, full tilt is able to play more tournaments per given time and make more money.
Sometimes, if one is feeling bad, just go to one of the FT tourney and observe the short stacked player going all in against the chip leader, it is ridiculous, the chip leader always win.

I would like to see two tests:
1) Number of hands per tourney per player at full tilt vs other online sites. I believe that full tilt will have a considerable lower number of hands.

2) The consistency of tourney winners, I believe that if one was to observe the top 500 player with the highest ROI, one will find that these players have just one major win, and very low number of places on the other tourneys. For example a ROI leader might have one 80K win and not even a place on the next 500 tourneys, while at poker stars and other sites, the leaders would have one big tourney wins plus 70-80 other tourneys with placements out of 500. This would indicate that the play is more like a slot machine than any EV considerations per given hands.

Habanero Hauteur said...

Also found out that the "had history" folder doesn't even exist as a default part of FTP installation. So, I have now created it and will try to a research on full tilt shuffle to try to make a real full tilt EV. It is well known that full tilt does not use one deck RNG, so one cannot use EV found in poker calculations. It seems that the fTP shuffle is something like this: suppose 5 players, 10 cards, has 2KS, and 3As, then in one deck there should be: 2/42 Ks and 1/42 As probability, but at FT, it is still 1/13 for the As and Ks. (With a validation function ensure against a repeat of the same card.)And this is why we have so many quads and full. But, the other part that was mentioned by someone here about the chip leader always winning all-in against short stacked players, how can I account for that. Maybe, by becoming the chip leader before the final rounds. But, basically, it is impossible to play here because none of the EV values and probabilities are followed at FTP. A lot like slot machine.

andreas said...

Its standard varience, donk!

Habanero Hauteur said...

Hmnn Andreas, let's see, I did take about 7 college math courses on my way to Masters in Engineering, never met these types of variances. Do you work there, if so, just open your program to a recognized impartial independent auditing agency. I worry that other sites might start to duplicate FT's shuffle because I know that the growth of FT has been unprecedented..and that would be so sad for all the online poker world.

Sparky said...

I used to play Full Tilt until I convinced myself that the play is not realistic. After months of losing with the best of it, I decided to manually record all of my "all-in" situations. After about 500 records, I went through and calculated the probabilities of each instance. I then divided these into categories "Favorite" "Coinflip" and "Dog". I was an average of a 75% favorite when ahead at the "all in" point, yet I lost more than 50% of those situations. The "coinflips" I won right at 50% of the time and the "Dog" I lost in direct proportion to what was expected. Upon looking closely at the instances where I was a favorite, I noticed a pattern. The suck-outs happened more often when my opponent made a blatantly poor decision.
I don't believe that Full Tilt is rigged for action. I believe Full Tilt is rigged to level the playing field for bad players. Sit at a table in a low/medium stakes game on full tilt. 90% are complete garbage players. Without help getting paid for some of their bad decisions, they would be broke in a very short period of time and move on to a different site or quit altogether. Don't get me wrong, donks still lose their money. They just lose it more slowly on Full Tilt. More players at the site means more (and bigger) guaranteed tourneys which attracts even more players. I believe this is what motivates Full Tilt and Poker Stars. I'm really not interested in PROVING that the sites are not realistic, I just needed to convince myself. If you want to say I'm a sore loser and say "Variance", feel free. I have a degree in electrical engineering and I'm a Six Sigma Black Belt. I'm confident in my understanding of statistical probability. Also, I'm a winning player in live cash games and at other smaller sites.

jafrumstra said...

Ironically grammar is spelled with an "a" not an "e"; you have failed to use apostrophes in all of your contractions, and 80% of your post consists of fragments and/or run-on sentences populated with the abundant and inappropriate use of commas. Try to play it off as satire if you want but I know the truth. These are the chronic symptoms of a poor education and a lifetime of bad writing. You need to go back to English class before you criticize others on their "grammer skillz"<-(You see that is satire-an instance of comedic irony which draws the audience's attention to the absurd consequences of faulty logic.)

jafrumstra said...

Analysis of 1 month at Full Tilt

Observation 1: The day of my first cash transaction ($5.00 transfer from a friend who deposited $30 just prior to the transfer) In 9 consecutive hours of play-I played in 7 and cashed in 4 sit and go tournaments: 3 of which I made final tables placing 1st, 2nd, and 7th respectively (*note: I won first place at my first tourney and progressively did worse not making the final table at my last cash and going out early in my last 3 attempts-I just assumed my "good run" was over for the night)

Observation 2: While I made $28.80 playing at the lowest level sit and go tourneys-my friend who had staked me $5-lost the rest of his $25 playing a combination of sit and gos (the same ones that I won) and micro cash games trying to rebuild his roll. I shifted my friend his $5 back from my winnings which he quickly lost in about two hours.

He said he hoped he could, "buy some more luck" and deposited $30 more the next morning-later on that night he won $180.00 in a sit and go.

His plan seemed to have worked except that he lost his entire bankroll within that same week.

By his own accounting he loses an average of $180/month gambling on-line but only $40/month in live cash games and tournaments.

He loses at both-but he loses 4 and a half times more playing on-line. The funniest part is that he only plays at Full Tilt because he thinks Pokerstars is rigged. (Which it probably is-also funny)

Observation 3: Since that first cash transaction and after a full month of daily play for multiple hours on Full Tilt: I have not cashed in any tournaments.

Within 1 week of playing identical small buy-in sit and go tournaments-I was stripped down to the felt.

After an inspiring lesson from Chris Ferguson on Full Tilt Academy about his "successful" 27-month experiment to go from 0$-$10000 by taking advantage of free-rolls and bankroll management-I began to register for every free-roll on Full Tilt in every poker event to increase my chances of cashing. After 3 weeks of failure(despite several deep runs and some bitter top 100 finishes)I decided to expand my experiment beyond the scope of Full Tilt and signed-up for multiple poker rooms that also offer free-rolls to further increase my chances.

jafrumstra said...

While increasing the number of tournaments that I play does not necessarily improve my chances at cashing, conceptually if variance is the main culprit of my losing streak (as is generally expressed) then playing more games should cause the odds to even out over time: just as placing more bullets in a revolver increases the chance that someone will blow their brains out during a friendly game of Russian Roulette.

If my lack of skill is to blame(as is likewise expressed) then the more hands that I see, the more I should learn about how to play more effectively: even in the worst gaming environment of low stakes where there is no negative consequences for bad play-shouldn't I still have an advantage if I play to the best of my ability simply out of respect and love for the game without regard for the payout?

As a side experiment-after playing multiple free-rolls at Pokerstars (no money up for grabs at PS-free-roll just a chance to win a seat at a satellite competing for a chance to win a seat at a real tournament) and with Full Tilt still refusing to yield even a $.90 finish-I broke down and deposited $10 into my Pokerstars account and decided to give them a try.

It was then that the poker gods (aka variance almighty) suddenly lifted my curse.

For 5 days, I played $0.10, $0.25, $1.10, and $2.20 sit and go tournaments to build my bankroll-48 games in the first week.

I cashed 27 times-made 9 final tables and won another first place-this time-at the apex of my streak instead of right out of the gate.

I was on my way to glory now, nearly quadrupling my initial stake in one week to $37.80.

After that week-I continued to play the same buy-in levels as the week before: setting aside $5.40/day to play in 17 tournaments-(10 dimes, 4 quarters, 2 one-dollar, 1 two-dollar) I failed to cash even once-playing 17 times/day for the next 6 days until my bankroll was completely gone.

I used my accumulated FPP for a final ditch tournament-placed 16th and won $2.20. I used that to play 14 more (10 dime, 4 quarter) failing to cash in any of them as well. The left over $0.20 I wasted on 20 $0.01 super-turbos to no avail.

I am not whining over a bad beat here or there-we are talking about dropping from a 58% bubble-rate to a 0.25% bubble-rate (relative to the number of tournaments played) over the course of 6 days.

It's a given that good runs and bad runs are to be expected in poker and no one knows how long either will last but I cannot overlook the coincidence that good runs immediately followed cash transactions at both sites and my bad runs at both sites were sufficient to clean out ALL of my winnings from my initial streaks even though my buy-ins for the tournaments remained at the same levels.

Beginner's luck is a hustle that con-artists have used for a long time-they let you win the first game and then they say, "You're pretty good kid. Let's play again-this time double or nothing." It is never a fair game after that; they get the double and you get the nothing every time.

I realize that I am providing only anecdotal and circumstantial evidence which is not "proof" that these games are rigged and never have I claimed it to be such.

I am not a statistician or a computer programmer therefore I cannot speculate on possible algorithms used or provide anyone with a detailed statistical analysis of anything. That's not my bag.

I'm just a poker player. I see tells. I make reads. I call bluffs. Right or wrong-I let my money in the middle do all the talking and I can fold anytime that I think I've got the worst of it.

If you feel that these poker sites have cheated you (a conclusion that I reached after only losing $10.00) then please stop giving them the money that they need to continue robbing you. Behind every million dollar winner are 999,999 losers willing to contribute a dollar. Without depositors to feed the machine these sites will simply cease to exist.

lucasvanonna said...

Why not put some adsense on the site? You might actually make some money!

John said...

Full Tilt, Poker Stars is all the same. The shuffle is random but the deal of the cards is not. Before each game, tournament, sit and go the "winners" are pretty much selected. These "winners" will beat 85% of the time any pocket pair versus their two overs or one over card. the flip of this is that their pocket pair will win 90% of the time versus two overs or one over. these "winners" have already been selected by the game.
The algorithims used by these sites will create a random shuffle but not a random deal. Not that these games are "fixed" by any one person at these sites but the game fixes it. I have seen and we all have seen one player call and all in with J 6 and beat aces or kings and the same player catches the trips against a over pair and gets A straight with Q 8 off suit going against 2 or 3 other dominate hands and winning. Yes this all happened ina span of 20 minutes with one player doing all these beats. that is n ot random that is already picked by the game. Internet poker is not real poker by any means. Play too uch internet poker and you will lose your ability to play live games. Get out before it is too late.

luvdoinit said...

I love how those of us who believe to our core that online poker is rigged take the time to give well thought out comments. But on the other side of the argument the blindly loyal to online sites and their forum raiding shills leave their typical one line remarks. Such as, its variance donk, you are just a loser who's crying, rigtard's and so on.

We know what we see, our minds are sharp and clear. Online is not legit and its easy to see to the intelligent and observant.

luvdoinit said...

Here's another typical online scam for taking money off good players. Its flopping a set. I cant tell you how many times I flop a set but the flop will be all one suit. Now you just know this flop hit the suited junk donks and if it didnt the 4 to the flush will hit by the turn or river.

Or how about this when flopping a set. Say its a set of 7's. The flop will be so tight its sick. It will be, 7 8 9 with the turn or river putting a 6 or 10 out there making certain the idiots hit to take your/my stack off us.

Every pro in the world will tell you flopping a set is one of the biggest money makers their is, but they are talking about live poker, real poker not this farse of a game we play online.

How many times do you play the suited connectors and hit the flush but lose to the higher flush! Or hit the flush with your 6 7s only to have the site put the 4 flush on the board and your flush just got crushed?! Of flop a str8 and have it come out runner runner for a flush or boat to beat you.

Speaking of flushes how about these sites love for dealing out all one suit flops. Have you noticed how this sort of flop will happen for days at a time. And especially so on weekends when every donk is playing and in need of the suck out. How exciting it is for them to play their 3 8s and crack our pocket aces. Calling our massive raise and cbets to chase and stack us. Oh the thrill for them to do so. But in the real world these pathetic players would be broke in a week playing the way that online has conditioned them to play.

I hate what online has done to the great game of poker and I hope one of these days it all comes crashing down upon them. I'd love to see Lederer on the news being taken away in handcuffs.

Feel good knowing you are among the intelligent people and intelligent poker players because you are able to see what's going on.

JD said...

Ok dudes. I can always tell when people are lying because their arguments stop making sense. Why would full tilt care about making flushes happen when you have flopped a set. A fourth card of the same suit is considered a scare card, not a scam. A scare card actually decreases the likelihood that people will bet. It is infuriating, but it would not even serve a fathomable purpose for the poker site. As for all the evidence? None of it is legitimate. Why would a poker site cheat? Imagine this, you own a poker site, that deals random cards. People come to your site and give you money and then ultimately let you keep it. You make a lot of money because a lot of people use your site. Meanwhile, you take a walk in the park, grab a smoothie, and egg your mother in law's car. You then take a nap, go to the bank, and cash your massive check. There is no point in changing the system. A significant group of the population already believes that the poker site is cheating them, so why confirm their beliefs. Why even allow for the remote possibility that your site gets shut down? Owning a poker site that runs cards fairly is a breeze. Instead of giving programmers money to create cheating software to increase revenue, why not spend that money on advertising? It would achieve the same effect, with no risk. I'm tired of seeing blogs with one sided arguments on how not just Full Tilt is rigged, but every poker site they have ever played on is. Now, I have to say that if people really do leave the sites that are "obviously" rigged like they say they do, then where is the fair site that nobody is leaving. The site that people can "obviously" tell is fair. Where is the fair site that people don't think is cheating them out of their money? There isn't one because the other sites aren't cheating you.
As for the stories about insiders who confirm that cheating happens. They always start out reasonable and then they completely give their falsity away by including something completely ludicrous.
"I've been friends with Mike Matusow,and his brother, Scott, (who does not play poker at all, but is disc Jockey, he does podcasts)for a few years now, since 2006. And Mike did confirm to me in private that Full Tilt Poker is, in fact, rigged. They want the tournaments to end as fast as they can, so the people that lose can enter another tournament and thus, give more money to the site. I asked him this once when we were playing at home over a beer, and he was very cocky about all of this. He asked me,"Have you ever had any bad beats there?(FTP)" and I said,"Yeah. Tons of times." He laughed maniacally and then explained the method, which is too long for me to explain here, regarding the way people are destroyed with staff"

This part of the story was well constructing. The inclusion of detail about Mike's brother leads an unobservant reader to believe that this commenter has some degree of credibility.

And here comes the ridiculous part.

"On top of that, the deal is not random, but rather, controlled by a human, not a cpu, and that is why you will see 3 or 4 people get knocked out by a guy who goes all in with an 8/3 offsuit or something ridiculous like that."

... a human? really? This person is trying to tell you that poker sites have a room full of people who pick a random table and screw with it. Now I'm not sure how much these people would be getting paid, but that sounds massively inefficient to me. While I am open to new ideas, this is completely absurd. All of the games are run by computers dimwit. Any worker interferance wouldn't be worth the wages they are being paid. Stop bsing the world with your garbage.

given that one part of the story is clearly false, you can then only conclude that the rest of it really has no credibility. You can determine that this guy probably is not friends with the poker player, and probably did not sit down and have a beer with him.

There, are you happy now? This argument has several words.

luvdoinit said...

Why would a 4 to the suit hit when it kills the action? It only kills the action for the person with the set, it bails out the idiots who call with their suited junk. Have had it happen countless times to me, I have sent so many hands like this to my friend it sickens both of us.

A good player flops a set and gets it screwed over in the manner I told of, thats the way online works, and its been doing this very thing to me for years now.

luvdoinit said...

It bails the idiots out who will call any raise or bet with their one in the hole suited card and it usually hits for them.

dagoat said...

You are so right fulltilt is fucked!!!!!!
I was playing poker today and I was playing a heads up and I swear i was playing a fulltilt bot because it happened four times where as soon as i join not even half a second after I click it a person joins and their names is just random letters.... thats fucked
The while im playing i get dealt 23 and the other guy gets dealt 23 im like ok sometimes that happens next hand right after i get dealt 23 and he gets dealt 23
im telling you something is fishy when it comes to fulltilt

garg69 said...

First, Fulltilt IS rigged in that the shuffle is not a true shuffle.

I dont give a shit what anyone says-I Know what hands should hold up on a regular basis and which hands are doomed to fall a good percentage of the time.

If you play REAL poker for anytime at all it's so obvious how rigged online poker is.

Those that defend online poker do so for a couple reasons.

A. They profit from the industry in some fashion.

B. they are idiots who don't understand the way a real poker hand plays out statistically.

The arguement about varience and chance are nothing more than red herrings meant to distract from the obvious- That NO LIVE POKER GAME COULD EVER SUSTAIN THE OBSURED AMOUNT OF BAD BEATS AND SUCKOUTS THAT ONLINE POKER PRODUCES ON AN HOURLY BASIS!

Some will say that the increased deal makes it possible, but the reality is in a totally random shuffle we should see real varience- online we see a consistancy - that consiistancy is obvious.

You see the online poker companies talk about hand histories as if they are the true indictor of a random shuffle, but as any halfwit knows the devil is always in the details, for instance.

How ofton do we see opposing pocket pairs in tournies online as opposed to how ofton that probability should exist?

Where is the data on that statistic?

How ofton does the dog win in hands that statistically he has a 5% chance of winning?

and on and on and on.

If the pokersites were truly interested in squashing the "online poker is rigged" debate they have all the data to do so.

one impartial statistcal evaluation on the myriad of points made against their supposed random shuffle could be produced for minimal cost considering what they have to gain by silencing their critics.

So why then do they not address this simple question?

Why do they not shut up the naysayers?

The answer is obvious-It is not in their best interests to do so!

Why else would such a cheap(in reletive terms considering the profits they have banked for years) option be passed over in favor of waging an ongoing war against the growing disallusionment with the industry?

Their numbers are falling- most attribute this to a normal fluxuation in market, but the reality is more and more players are seeing that winnng at online poker is a pipe dream tantamount to playing the lottery.

The problem is that BAD players become GOOD players overtime and what they find is that for all the knowledge and all the discipline they have gained LEARNING THE ROPES- they are still break even players at best.

Live Poker is the only REAL poker. The sooner you accept that fact the better off you will be.

In the end, online poker sites are about making money- it is in their financial intrest to insure the enviorment they create is condusive to maximizing profit and nothing else!

If that last statemnt doesn't clarify the situation for you- nothing ever will!

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

I will never play on Full Tilt again...what a seriously bullshit site. I lost 600 dollars on there in the space of 1 hour. I said to my wife it feels like I am playing against two entities. My oppponents and the casino itself.

I got involved in a hand where I had the nut flush and nut straight draw after the flop, about a 300 dollar pot I'm all in and nothing hits on the turn or river. I had about 20 outs or something to win. This guy wins with a full-house on the river (I think he had 4 outs or something to hit after he had two pair). What was suspscious about this hand is the way he re-raised preflop..I mean he re-raised two people's raises after two raise swith 6732 (unsuited)up to 30 dollars on the .5|1 table????????? Who the hell re-raises preflop with a hand like that???!! It was just too pre-determined like...like I was being sucked into the draw for my all-in.

Anyway after repeated bad-beats against my opponents and the "second player" (FT - the casino)...and reading all the negative feedback from the internet..I will never play here again...bloody corporate fuckers...site it RIGGED to the max...I play the same game at Ladbrokes and have an 80% win rate...why I ever played on FT is a mystery in the first place.

Chris said...

You guys are dumb..I play more live poker then any of you mup-tards and I see and take sick beats all the time.

If you really think that sick beats only happen on the internet and wouldn't ever happen in the real world, you are all dumb as shit.

Try living a poker lifestyle and play for a living, doesn't matter where you are, BAD BEATS HAPPEN!

It's how you chose to handle them. You can get up and leave or make better decisions, I don't have to shove with AA every hand, see a flop, take the luck factor out, make big folds..All poker is, is a series of decisions, some more difficult then others, but if you make the right decision and lay down your set or over pair once in awhile when you know you're beat, you will make it in the long run!!!

Mike said...

Mr. Crazydiggity, my hat goes off to you. People like you do not get the credit they deserve. Taking time off from your busy poker schedule to inform and protect us commonfolk from these crooked poker companies. It's about time they were exposed for what they are.

Congratulations on "rarely losing" heads up matches. That just further solidifies the fact that a man of your ilk cares enough to create a blog to help others. Please allow me to share a similar story:

I run an office lottery pool for myself and 17 others. In 2007, I purchased 18 Hot Lotto tickets for our weekly drawing. 3 of 5 plus the hotball pays $50, and 4 of 5 (no hotball) also pays $50. The odds of the former is 1 in 1,950. The odds of the latter is 1 in 3,575. We hit both of those in the same night! Now I would imagine my math skills are not nearly at your level, but my novice calculations say that the odds of that happening with 2 tickets purchased is 1 in 6,971,250. Now I am sure the odds are a little better when purchasing 18 tickets, but I would never try and figure that out. I'll leave complicated math like that to geniuses like yourself.

But I digress. What this means according to the Minnesota State Lottery is that 2 number combinations that happen 1 in 1,950 and 1 in 3,575........happened twice RANDOMLY in the same night. It also means that no one should see anyone have these number combinations within about 6,971,250 tickets but I am sure that will happen. Because simply put:


So once again, companies like Full Tilt Poker and the Minnesota State Lottery should be ASHAMED of themselves. I can't stress enough how thankful I am for people like yourself in this world.

The Dude said...

Full Tilt sucks. Last two real life tourneys I was in the money. Full Tilt I always lose. Today my KK were beat by QQ with a river Q. Same tourney a bit later, I move all in after the flop with TT, all smaller cards on flop, I'm called by AK, K hits on the river. Yesterday, aggressive idiot to my left moves all in every single time I raise until I have AK and I call. He's holding Kd3d?! rainbow flop followed by two d's to knock me out on the river. Earlier in same tourney having my AA beat on the river by KcTc making flush on the river. When I play at the casino or charitable games these things very very rarely happen though at Full Tilt it occurs like every other hand. I'm guessing they have "excitement" rigged into the program. It's just stupid and a big difference from my real world poker experience. It doesn't seem to matter that my opponent only has two or three outs, they'll hit on the river and be rewarded for poor play. I do make money at sit n go's on full tilt but can only lose in their bullshit tourneys that seem rigged for the quick finish. Oh well, peace out, see you at the casino, I'll be at the Chicago Poker Classic at the Horseshoe.

The Dude said...

Funny ass shit. Today I posted tonight played. I was in good shape late in $10 tourney, I get A's it all escalates to four player all in. Only one player has more chips than me holding JJ and I was almost expecting this bullshit to occur. flop 7 7 9, turn J. Biggest stack wins again. My A's come at a very important juncture in the tourney and this. It just doesn't happen this way in the casino. It is not the same at all. Sure the bad beats occur but it seems I am guaranteed a truck load of bad beats every single tourney every fucking day. I had my A game going. Four handed I worried my A's would get beat but I didn't care about the short stacks, only had to beat the other big stack. Ugh, it fucks with my playing style, like I need to learn to fold A's pre'flop to any all in bet when I get them! I even thought it at the time, like A's, shit my tourney is over. I just can't fold these and will be knocked out.

james said...

what a fucking tard this clown is if hes so good at heads up and never loses why doesnt he just stick to that what an awful poker player he must be and to think hes rants on here thinking people will believe his shit and to no ones surprise there are a few tards following him in his quest to become one of the biggest online poker donkey crybabys time to get over yourself pull your head out of your ass and learn how to play poker instead of thinking you know how to play poker and then whining when you cant accept the fact your are a muppet who plays like an idiot and not an adult who plays like a winner once you do that you WILL win just like me and many others who take the games serious and do all the right things it takes to become a winning poker player
whining on here about how it is fixed is not one of them now go have a bale of hay and a bucket of water and rethink this thing buro

Peter James said...

ive just left a tournament and found the game painful, two bad beats

Me with AK, opponent with 10/10, flop AKJ both push all in
Turn Q then river an 9.

Next hand

Me with AA, opponent with 88, flop A46, both push all in
Turn 8 then river an 8.

I play a lot of poker, with full tilt this is common place the underdog is most often up by the river, after all the real life tournaments ive played over years you just dont get the consistency of bad beats you get with full tilt.

Unknown said...

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Nancy Garero said...

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Today I posted tonight played. I was in good shape late in $10 tourney, I get A's it all escalates to four player all in. Only one player has more chips than me holding...
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