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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Friday, January 25, 2008

The First Evidence

Yup. So I finally did it. Time to keep track of the so called "random" beats that Full Tilt gives out. This day is starting out great as Full Tilt has already cracked two hands in a row on me. AA vs 22 all in preflop. Of course there was a 2. Very next hand QQ vs 88, river comes to be one of those two "random" cards in the deck. What total BS. So after these "random" bad beats. My poker blog of Full Tilt and there cheating ways starts. First Evidence didnt take to long to show up.

I raise have a caller and the flop comes. I check, he bets, I move all in. Please notice that is a two outer or less on the river as a Diamond gives me the higher flush. Yes. Unreal.

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Matt said...

Hey buddy!!! Good to see you're still playing on FTP. Hopefully i'll be the one handing out a bad beat or two to you this weekend!