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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Monday, January 28, 2008

More and More Evidence

So I was sick today and played quite a bit. Of course as always I only get my money in with the best hand BY FAR. So lets see what we have here, a lot of beats with the best hand today and then this on the bubble. Can Full Tilt make it any more obvious that the website is fixed to reward bad players? I mean seriously. I play this exactly right, raise preflop, see the flop, he bets, I move all in. What BS he has three 9's or needs a runner runner pair. Amazing. Even more amazing on the bubble.

Lets check out the next sit n go. All in preflop. Amazing isnt it? I knew I had the best hand as he limped.

Random? Not a chance. And it is getting blatant now.

Lets add another from the morning of 1/29. I raise, two callers, I hit a set, first position all in, I call, other guy calls. Wait! What is that the case queen, the last one in the deck. This is becoming totally ridiculous.

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