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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lets See Here

Well lets take a look at what is happening. (Full Tilts new software is so annoying to take screenshots in and that is why I havent posted in a while). But the beats continue and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt at this point that I CAN PROVE that Full Tilt is rigged.

In fact I fully invite Howard Lederer to come to my house, sit there, watch a game or two and then actually tell me face to face that the BS is random. There is no way he could do it.

So heres the formula once again for everyone that doesnt know it already. Foreign non US player, makes a bad call, has lost money, hits the river. NOW THATS THE BIG THING. They dont hit other cards. Only the river and only after a hesitation longer than the fall of the other cards. This is the computer "thinking" what cards must come next to beat you.......the profitable player. Heres a good example:

Now. Sure it happens. But this has "happened" for the past two months. If I make a move like this I lose. Simple. Done.

He pushes all in after the flop and I call. Now you might say he wins about 1 out of 5 times with a turn and a river. Thats true. But I know that this was the last Jack left and there was also only one ace left. So he actually hit a two outer here ON THE RIVER.

Does he fit the bill. Yuppers. Foreign player. Lost money. Gets a win on the river. Its pretty amazing and I defy anyone to debunk this theory. I have literally hundreds of examples here. And probably hundreds more coming.

Keep reading and I will try to continue to post. We have to eventually ban together and get this site shut down or at least have them admit that it is not random and that certain events are programmed so that they can maximize profit.

Thats what I dont get about the Full Tilt faithful that post on these sites. Obviously if you found this site you were looking to see if Full Tilt was rigged. You got here and it was basically confirmed and then you post about people whining about bad beats. Sorry, but you are the assholes who obviously dont realize that Full Tilt is a business. They are out to make the most money possible......they are NOT a charity. They are not doing this for fun......but that is the subject of another post.


l said...

I played on Absolute Poker for awhile and the suckouts are just unreal. People calling my Nut Flush on the flop with none of the suited cards in their hand and starting with small pair and weak kicker...calling to the river to get a full house. No rhyme or reason for these types of calls. It happens all the time. I thought that it was just a coincidence at first but I saw it happen way to much and usually for the same players and to other victims. The limit size didn't matter either it is not just a micro donk calling as they are stupid or dont care it happens in the bigger games more so.
I wonder if the RABBIT feature is hackable. I think it should be done away with as I think that it has somehow been exploited. I don't know if FTP or PS has it but AP does and this may be the thing behind these players supposed ESP.

My advice stay away from online poker. Until the U.S. steps in and regulates it and protects it's players!! Which by the look of it is not going to happen.

You have no protection and no regulation. You do the math.

Open your eyes people if has been done before (cheating) and is still being done.

There is just to much that doesn't make sense and if it doesn't make sense then it just isn't real true or right.

Newff said...

You sir are an idiot, theres so much fail in this blog lol, stop whining and learn how to play poker.

zaydchess said...

"But I know that this was the last Jack left and there was also only one ace left."

And just how exactly do you know this?

Chris Arnet said...

Dude, just move sites then?

Also, FWIW, I saw quads 3 times and 3 straight flushes the other night at a home game in a span of about 100 hands. Is live poker rigged too, jackass?

Crazydiggity said...

"Also, FWIW, I saw quads 3 times and 3 straight flushes the other night at a home game in a span of about 100 hands."

Thats great. Now.....think about all the times where you didnt see that at your home game. The odds actually BALANCE OUT. On FT the odds are continually skewed that way. Your one of the assholes I posted about in another post who says oh its because so many hands come online. NO its not. The site continually skews the odds to keep bad players happy and good players semi even.

I would be more than willing to say you have lost money on the site, but you still stick to the fact that it has to be random. Heres your sign......

As for the guy who asked how I knew only one ace and one jack was left. I knew most of the other players at the table and they told me there hands. Pretty simple. There may have been no aces and no jacks left for the 3 people I didnt know...

jessica said...

You are just a weak frustrated player! Thats it, thats out!

l said...

Wow sounds like a bunch of schills responding to this. The haters I am talking about that have their head buried in the sand and try to pretend that fraudulent activity and cheating doesn't happen online. Then why all the scandals that have been uncovered and been proven to be true. Like they say for a crime from someone that gets caught for there are ten others that they haven't been caught for.

To deny it has happened and is happening is truly being ignorant. IGNORANT!!! Do the research folks and be informed. There fore if you still believe that it doesn't happen then we can call you stupid instead of ignorant.

l said...

To chris arnet in response ti his post.

Yes jackass there is cheating and rigged games in live poker too. Damn You are just STUPID!!!

Crazydiggity said...

To Jessica,

Your a moron. Sorry but I have to say it. I can almost guarantee I beat you in a live game. The best hand almost always holds up in a live game. Rarely do you see runner runner and two or one outers. Yet this blog contains numerous cards.

Just one more fact that may confuse your mind about poker. Currently Casinos run a rate of about 10% of players known as "prop" players. They get paid an hourly rate and are there to fill up seats. These players are also able to share in any money winnings even though they are using house money and dont really care about calls. Is this cheating? It sure is unfair to the normal player.

Now lets talk online poker. Full Tilt has ADMITTED that they use prop players to fill seats in tourneys and cash games. These people get paid an hourly rate to sit at home in front of their computer and also share in any winnings that they may get. How many they have is unknown, judging by the standard 10% that means at any one time 100,000 players are onine 10,000 prop players are playing. This may sound like a lot and they probably dont have that many but I can guarantee that at any given time there is 5000 or greater prop players out there. Is this fair? Again I dont think so.

If you dont believe this e-mail Full Tilt support, they have to tell you and have already admitted this. Sorry to burst your "fairness" bubble.