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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Make A Deposit

And I decide to see whats happening on FT. Surely they should have fixed some of the randomness issues by now right? I mean people are definitely starting to notice. Well buckle up because here we go. The first game my AA all in preflop gets called by three people. The hands are 69, 67, and K9 SWEAR TO GOD this is what people are calling all in with. 67 runner runner hits his straight. Okay. Sorry I couldnt get a screen shot, FT decided that after that beat I needed to be moved to another table.......interesting.

Doesnt matter much though, I go to play a heads up. Yes, this is an all in preflop. SO I have to ask the question of why does this never happen for me? Its interesting.

WOW! So I lose a hand to a three outer in which they hit 2 out of three of the outs they needed. Maybe it happens........BUT:

- He was Foreign
- He has lost a lot of money on the site


So let me get this right. This guy "randomly" decides to call my all in reraise preflop with a J8. There is just no way.

Does he fit the predetermined bad beat profile. Indeed.

- Foreign Player
- Has lost money on the site

So thats my day on FT again. Three games. Three hands far and away better than then hands they went up against and three losses. Thanks FT. I can see your site is only becoming more unrandom as time goes by. Eventually your greed and unrandomness to make more money will be the downfall of the site.

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