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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The infamous "Software Update"

I havent posted in a while, but have been playing and collecting hands. One thing I started noticing a long time ago is that everytime I would see that I needed a Full Tilt Poker "Software Update" that I would have extremely wild swings in either winnings or losses. I mean I would hit sets, flushes, and straights at the drop of a hat without even sweating about it. I could go on runs for a good amount of money and then all of a sudden a few days later I would get hit with the Software Update again and be unable to hit even a pair consistently and lose most of if not all of the winnings since the last Software Update.

So with a few months of looking at this I have questions that have yet to be answered:

Why does everyone not have to update their software?

Thats right. This seems to be a selective update as I had a few people following along. We did not all have to update at the same time. In fact, it seemed to be very random as to when the update occured. If this really is a simple software update that would add in additional features or improve security I would think that everyone would have to update at the same time. This is NOT the case and in fact the updates between different players were up to 2 weeks apart. Why?

Secondly, why does the software update seem to generate an instant swing in the other direction in which your cards are currently falling?

I have collected enough hands to show that the software updated seems to change the outcome of the cards to the opposite of your current "streak". I have literally gone from hitting one outers to losing after flopping the nuts from what seems to be a software update.

Third. Why is there no history of software upgrades on FT's website? Most other sites allow you to see the current version number as well as past upgrade numbers.

FT for some reason does not show a current version number. You simply install it and it "updates" seemingly at random.

What does this mean? Does Full Tilt control the game more than we think? Can they remotely and with an update control your cards and the "random" way they are dealt as a way to control your winnings and losings? It is seeming more and more probable.

I mean who would have thought that the "update" did not happen to everyone...


Felipe said...

I agree with everything you just said and it has gotten to the point where in I'm really fed up with this. Now we need to take this cause and move to a higher power to ask them, and, for us to take part in this scrutiny. I would volunteer to be the guinea pig. Rather than going to FT and ask them to provide the governing body and prove to them otherwise.
I would want the governing body to look at my statistics and hand history to prove that this site is just out to siphon our dough.
If you know of any website where we can sign a petition, ask Kahgnawake, ecora or any governing body to take a look at our case please post it or pass it along.
Last question, what pokersite did you play and made some serious dollars?

james said...

what a fucking clown
i cant believe people waste time with these blogs if they spent as much time and put in as much effort to improving their poker skills and over all game and grew up a little they wouldnt have to do this because chances are good they wouldnt be dumping their last dollar every day on a poker site thinking they are the next phil ivey and then crying fixed dont they realize how stupid they look and sound ill bet they never went past grade 8

mjd420 said...

I have been playing on Full Tilt for a few years now and I have to agree, it is rigged for sure. I don't THINK it, I KNOW it. I am a long term winner on that site, but now it is literally impossible to win a decent profit. I have decided to cash out my bankroll and play elsewhere. I kept playing despite knowing it's rigged because I love rush poker and the pace of the game. Naive people like James can think what they want, but even the best player on earth will not win if he consistently loses monster pots as the huge favorite. The last hand that did it for me was when I got my money all in 3 buyins deep with nuts on turn and got four outered by donk who can't fold two pair. This is not the occasional bad beat that inevitably happens, this has become the regularity on Full Tilt. I have been playing for hours each day and I keep profiting by getting my money in very good, and losing it all back by getting it in very good. This means the favorite according to probability is actually closer to a coin flip on Full Tilt. Or maybe, and this is a theory, they swing the odds more in favor of losing players. This would be logical to keep more players in the game for longer, thus more rake. Regardless, it is definitely rigged and it is definitely rigged for action. Sets over sets, flush over flush, AA vs KK, these hands happen all the time. This causes bigger pots which means Full Tilt makes more money. Maybe I'm on a so-called "inevitable bad run of cards", but running bad for about a year on rush poker is the equivalent of being on a bad run of cards for 10+ years in live poker, and I have never heard of a good player running so bad that he can't beat micro-stakes for ten years. But maybe people like James are right. After all, I am not good enough to fold AA preflop lol. Now does anyone know of a good site to play cash games on that is not insanely rigged?

666dorado said...

the best way to test this is to open multiple accounts, which i know is not allowed.

but in another site years ago, i had multiple accounts. as soon as the hands were not going my way, i'd switch accounts and sit in my same "seat" at the same tables with the same people and suddenly my "luck" changed.

how is this possible in real life? you can't change accounts in real life. YOU are YOU. but somehow in the online world, this makes a difference.

that's because the software has to mathematically calculate and rank the outcome of every hand so it knows who will eventually be the winner. someone is getting dealt the best hand, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. (including ties). and the software knows who will have those hands even before the players see the deal and actually play the hand.

now, this doesn't mean the outcome is pre determined, but the deal is. and it's so easy to manipulate who will be favored throughout a particular session or number of hands.

let's say i started a website where you bet on coin flips. you could argue that in real life every coin flip is 50/50. but let's say that you and others are betting on the coin flips over a period of time.

i could program that virtual coin flip to have the results tilted against you let's say 70% of the time. and there's no way you can prove otherwise. because all anyone would have to say is that in real life you could lose 70% of the time. then i could flip it the other way so nobody would suspect it.

and on top of that, i could have my bank accounts off shore away from any regulatory authority. it wouldn't matter anyway, since once you deposit your money, it's basically mine. you just have to figure out how to get it back.

notice that the sites make it extremely difficult for you to cash out?

666dorado said...

slot machines world wide are rigged to pay out less than 100% over time. this is a well known fact.

yet people continue to play.

why is it so hard to accept that this happens in online poker.

do you think the casino video poker machines where you play against the computer are NOT rigged in their favor??

you'd be naive to think that there is no manipulation and that everything is totally random, especially a business that is based off shore outside any u.s. regulation.

hell, american companies do it all the time (enron, worldcom, goldman sachs) and for the most part do get away with their shenanigans.

alan said...

y arent we all not getting togeather to ask the police to investicate full tilt???im convinced the have fake computer generated players as well as employees on tables