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Sunday, October 10, 2010

100% Proof That FT is Rigged

Heres an entire hand worth of history. Where you can see that this hand has been played perfectly. Yet the guy fits the profile. He is foreign.......Germany. He has lost a TON of money on the site. These two factors combined mean that I as a very solid player have no chance of winning against the opponent. At this point he has made some horrible calls and should have been gone after the second hand of the tournament when he called all in with an A2 into a flop of A 10 J and I had A 10. He ran 2 2. The odds of that alone are small but this hand history is the worst play I have ever seen and this is how he wins. Improbable? Oh almost impossible.

As you can see I raise big preflop with the second best starting hand in poker.

Flop comes all hearts. A little worrisome, but not really because if he has two hearts it is statistically unlikely that the flop will be all of the same suit since he has two of them. He bets 40 and I raise the SHIT out of him. Now this is the perfect poker play. The hand cant be played better at this point. He has invested 280 chips in the pot, I raise him to 600 here. He does not have a pair on the board and he is drawing to a heart only. Pot odds say he CANNOT MAKE THIS CALL. It makes no sense. Its a no brainer. But he calls.

He bets another 40. I go all in for 370. At this point, some say "well hes pot commited". Actually hes not. He still does not have correct odds to call here and should fold. Any logical person in the world would fold. You made a stand, the turn blanked. You have no straight draws, you cannot hit an overcard, the only thing you can hope for on the river is a miracle heart. Of which we know that 4 are already gone. He should fold becauses my all in bet still does not offer him pot odds. He calls.

There it is. A hand that should never have seen the turn. A player who made a very stange call every step of the way and me, the person who played correctly, screwed out of more money by FT.

I can guarantee this was not random. I can guarantee that the call was not random. I can almost gurantee that the player is either A) working for FT or B) running a cheat program that allows him to see cards. Otherwise someone please explain why you would be in this hand?


eatbeef said...

Emailing FTP with complaints,,,,,

I have . I used to be successfull enuf on FTP to actyually make withdrawls, several thousand. But, after each one my cards would go south, and stay that way for awhile, then longer after the next withdrawl, eventually up to months at a time. I emailed FTP and complained after the second one, and each one there after. Finally, I was getting mad as hell because it was so obvious what was happening. Like I have read here, it seems that FTP has house players, and it seems that anybody from a European nation will make donk call after donk call and suckout 95% of the time. I finally quit FTP for months, then decided to try it agin,, on the play tables. Things were great. Took my play chip bankroll from zero to almost a million in a few short days. Awesome, so I deposited a small amount of cash,,, hahahah, my mistake, it was gone a few hours. In my experience, FTP not only has house players, not only is the program rigged for action (rake), I believe they can also target players such as myself. I have pissed them off (I wasnt nice in my emails) and they are sending me either bad hands or bad beats. I cant win with anything. My chance of making a straight or flush are maybe 5%, my chance of 2 overs beating an inder pair are maybe 10%, my chance of an under pair beating 2 overs are 1%. In omaha, if I have KKxx, an ace will flop 95% f the time, and yes, most call pf and one or more will have an ace. In omaha hi-lo, if I have A2xx, and ace or 2 will flop, or it will be 3 hi cards 99% of the time. They know when I log on, and they have somebody watching me. Too much has happened to be random. FTP odds and true poker odds are 2 totally different things. FTP, YOU CAN KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

eatbeef said...


Doughboi said...

how do i get in contact with you to speak personally about any experiments with pokerstars?

Darren said...

I find rush even more bent. came back to it for the first time for ages. lost 6 AKs in a row, one was AK vs AA vs JJ. just about to log off with a profit when I had KK. Ended up with 3 allins with my KK vs AA vs AA - as you can guess it didnt end well

Darren said...

never say never...
just tried it again. Went busto when my aces were cracked by 4s. but the strange hand was this one.
UTG I have 7s. I limp and bb raises to 4x bb. I call.
Flop comes J 2 4. bb checks and I bet half pot. he calls. Turn is a 6. we both check. River is a 3. BB bets 1.5 pot. I call.
He turns over..... 6 3 for a runner runner 2 pair.
This means he raised preflop with junk AND called a half pot bet with a gutshot.
There is no logic to his play.
Im not playing there again.

Darren said...

money all gone. and im NEVER returning to Full tilt. 5c/10c - guy goes all in for $4.50. I have KhKc and call. he has AhQc
Flop comes Jh Qh 5c. Turn is 3h.
so both have 4 to the flush... you can guess whats coming next. Another heart.
so, with 4 hearts on the board and with running hearts he wins with a bigger flush with his ace to my king.
The James Bond advisors on Casion Royale would reject this hand for not being realistic. This site is so rigged - ive played on over 30 different sites and NONE have the hands that full tilt has

commie said...

You've played 6600 games (and actually made hundreds of dollars) at a venue that you think is rigged? Do you just smoke crack every day of your life or what?

richard said...

You guys are joking right? Hundreds of thousands of people play on this site - they've literally had single played hands between players worth 1 million dollars. Do you really think they give two donkey's uncles about you and your couple hundred, or even thousands of dollars? You guys need a dose in reality and the business world.

Also - online poker has revolutionized the spped at which poker is played - when you are playing thousands of hands in a short time, expect crazy and varried results. You probably dont remember all the times where you won 10 hands in a row is my guess.

Crazydiggity said...


You are a moron if you dont realize that you just brought up the reason that FT is rigged. BUSINESS. You do realize that the goal of a business is to make money right? Not only that but the goal is to maximize and increase profits in a business. How do you do that when you run a poker website?? Simply put at some point new people are going to stop registering for the site, therefore you reach the maximum number of players and at this point your profits would become stagnant if everything stayed the same. In other words if good players won as odds say they should and bad players lost then you would reach a maximum expected profit quite quickly. So what has to be done to continue to profit is alterations of the code. Now what I do is allow bad players to win once in a while with miracle runner runners and one out river cards and they CONTINUE TO PLAY. The good players who should have won that hand write it off to a bad beat and deposit more money and continue to play. Simply by adding this feature in FT can squeeze more profit from the site. Not to mention.....throw is some players employed by FT who play on the site and keep their profits and you have a HUGE reason for FT to rig the games as they keep the proft. And yes, FT does employ players to fill their electronie seats. They have admitted this. Casinos do the same thing. FT pays them to play. They keep their pay, FT keeps the profits. You dont think there is an advantage to a company in having their employees win big money? Ask yourself this. In all the games you have played and all the people you know that have played on the site, how many people do you know, personally, that have come away with multi thousand dollar wins? I know of not one.

matjaz said...

I do believe something is fishy with these online poker sites, but i don't think it has anything to do with whether you're from U.S or anywhere else, I'm from Europe and i play semi-tight poker with emphasis on position and i see the same bad plays from Russians, Germans, Americans... etc sucking out on good solid players. As a matter of fact i see the same amount of bad players from U.S as i see from Russia. But again... i do believe something is fucked up with these sites and it doesn't have anything to do with a players nationality.

eatbeef said...

FTP is rigged to produce more and more rake. Take a dollar bill for example. That dollar is traded back and forth between players how many thousands of times? If the bad players kept losing thier dollars, they would get disgusted and not come back. So, FTP has their program rigged to throw in a high percentage of bad beats and donk wins. FTP poker odds and true poker odds are flipped on FTP. That dollar goes to the donk in a bad beat, back to the good player, etc. FTP MAKES MORE MONEY THAN THE POKER PLAYERS DO!!! Open ur eyes Richard and Commie!!

Dejan said...

Of course the poker sites make more money than poker players do. What the hell kind of epiphany is that? Who makes more money - Kobe Bryant or the guy that pays his check?

What is funny is that you always remember the beats. You don't remember when you draw out on a better hand or get lucky but when it happens to you, all hell breaks lose.

Also, there are a lot of mediocre and bad players out there who don't really know the game that well. These are the players that don't know anything about the odds and just want to gamble. So it's easy for me to understand that an average player will call raises when he has a one-card draw to a nut-flush, to be honest. Sometimes, even I try to beat the odds. Sometimes, even the best in the games gamble with the odds. You have to go by feel and instinct and hope you get lucky from time to time.

But blaming it on the poker sites is just silly. I've won when I played the hands well, I've made calls when I know I shouldn't and lost, I've called when I knew I was behind but felt I could get there. Sometimes you win or lose based on your or opponents misplays. If everyone played the game with the same logic, same approach, same odds math, no one would ever win or lose anything. And poker would lose it's charm.

I say, hail the average Joe and let him call, he will only get there so often ;).

seebob said...

You are not very observant, no wonder you lose. Your opponent hold hand had K hearts...and the flop is 3 hearts. He is on a strong flush chance. Of course he will bet.