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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Full Tilt Poker is Bankrupt!!??

Do a search. Start reading. The US Government provided a go ahead more than 2 weeks ago for the poker sites to "refund" US players there money. Full Tilt continues to delay this process. In fact in there most recent release they are unable to do so because they simply dont have the money. What? This is not their money. This is our money, how can they not give it back to us. In business this is known as bankruptcy.

An even better question is what did Full Tilt do with our money? We are only asking for our investments back. This should be easy to accomplish since the money is ours and should not have been invested in anyway and also should not affect Full Tilt in anyway whatsoever. This is money they should not have access to. By now people are reading this and saying WTF? This is not true. Indeed it is. Search all over the internet. Pokerstars US players are in fact receiving their money or have already received their money.

Here is what FT provides:

This honestly just shows how terribly this website was run. So are you telling your United States players that their funds are lumped in with FT poker profits and also the funds of other players? That you dont have enough money in your accounts to pay out your US players even though IT IS THERE MONEY THAT IS IN THE ACCOUNTS.

This is bad. This is the end of FT poker. There is no way this website survives. Playing on this site at this point is just plain ludicrous. Even if poker becomes legalized I will not be redepositing any funds on FT because the site itself, the setup, and the disregard for players money is just plain disrespectful. Will I play internet poker again? Probably. Will it be on Full Tilt Poker? Hell no. They have lost all confidence with me. I mean how can it even come close to being explained that Pokerstars can give players money quickly, but FT does not have enough money to return the funds to US players?

If you are still doubting that FT is bankrupt. Please notice you cant even redeem FT points at the store. THEY CANNOT AFFORD TO SEND YOUR PRODUCT TO YOU. It really is amazing.

1 comment:

Sakan said...

i tend to believe the same mate!they don't even pay E.U players!Worst customer support that can be too!!!!