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Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank God Full Tilt Is Shut Down

There is a post sure to grab attention. Simply put, I was angry at first, people messing with our freedom to do what we want. Then it hit me. This is a good thing provided it doesnt last forever. Two possible outcomes here. Full Tilt loses the battle, gets sued for enough money that they cant continue to operate and the owners of this unrandom website get put in jail for 5 - 25 years. Good. Screw them. We move back to love games, that used to happen every weekend and sometime weeknights, play with live people and learn to deal real cards again.

This really doesnt sound like a horrible thing if you ask me. I miss the live games. The face to face interaction. The ability to read someone else based on movements you can actually see.

The second possible outcome is after a few weeks they work out an agreement with the US government. The government will want to be able to regulate, tax, and audit the site. This is not a bad thing at all. They will have to prove to the government that the website is fair and random. Again this is not a bad thing. People know that something is not right now, which is why they have found this blog. If FT has to prove the random and fairness more than once a year and possible be subject to random audits, this is progress, and I think its exactly what is needed. They also need some form of customer service as it is non existent right now. You can e-mail them and maybe they will or maybe they wont reply.

Again, to be 100% honest, I see no negativity in this government shutdown. Either internet poker dies and we have to play home games again (which i wish would come back) or FT has to report to our federal government to continue to operate. One way or another a positive change will come.


Anonymous said...

Internet poker is all rigged buddy! Glad it is shut down as well, so I do not have to bang my fist on the desk every time a miracle runner runner hits to beat me.

Full Tilt deserves what's coming to them because they rigged the site to favor weaker players and worse hands. Howard Lederer should be lined up and shot! Fuck that asshole!

Tristan Rogers said...

Correlation does not imply causation. These accusations would hold water if you could produce a script that was written in favor of certain players. Until then, you are another pissed off player who got dealt bad cards. This happens on real tables all the time. Are you that player at every table that is hated because they bitch and moan at every bad hand?

alan said...

I ve been saying to full scam they were a scam,lol they put me on a chat ban few weeks back lol whos laughing now not full scam

alan said...

aa all in 1 off the money guy called my aces for 3/4 of his stack with 53?and he beat my aces lol there no scam on is there????????????

Brandon said...

It is not rigged! It is called a bad beat! You wish live games would come back? Where did they go? apparently you need to get more friends, I have live games all the time, we go to the card clubs as well. Bad beats do happen, yeah it sucks, I won my fair share of money on Full Tilt, it was something to pass the time. It was fun, if you wasted away your money than that is on you, maybe you need gambling help! The government shut it down because they want to tax it, which is a usual theme with the government....they always need their hands in the cookie jar

alan said...

full tilt employees now on complaint sites trying to cover there scam now.
how can any sane person call aa v 53 a bad beat?????????????near 1300 people in the tourney then just befor the money places i all in befor the flop with aces to be called by 53 not suitted with 3/4 of his stack ?? 53 beats the aces lol soooo obvious the call was made knowing it would be the winner only a full scam emloyee would think otherwise

josephstra said...

Of course its random. You people should adapt to the game and not just bloody whine. Online poker is a different beast from actual game, as they say.
Besides the shutdown is not about unrandomness of full tilt, but it's about money grab for the bankrupt US gov't. Scrw 'em.

Darren said...

dont forget that this only applies to the US.

Us europeans still have to put up with the RNG and it seems to have got worse since Black Friday. two consecutive hands i lost to a rivered flush and THEN a runner-runner flush

mjd420 said...

I downloaded a trial version of Hold Em Manager. I imported about 500K hands but it was just taking too long as I have well over a million hands so I stopped. I can tell you it supported what I already knew as the ALL-IN EV graph was well above my actual winnings in cash game play. The all in EV graph doesn't even do it justice because if you get 90% of your stack in on the turn and then get one outtered on the river and go ALL-IN it won't reflect your bad luck because it only counts when you're ALL-IN. While I may not have PROOF that Full Tilt is rigged, I KNOW WITH CERTAINTY it is because it is not questionable, it is OVERWHELMING. By the way, I am a long-term winner on that site, but I won a lot more a few years ago when I was a MUCH WORSE player. In fact, I can rarely cash out nowadays because they literally do not let me win. I agree bad beats will happen a lot on a legit site, especially when you play approximately 1200 hands per hour, but they should not happen a higher percentage of the time. So let's say I'm a 4 to 1 favorite. I will lose 20% which should happen a lot when you play such huge volume, but I should also win those situations four times as often as I get bad beat which would mean a lot of profit. That is simply not the case. The arguments made to defend Full Tilt do not hold water. If I had the software to track ACTUAL EV (not just ALL-IN EV) versus actual winnings, the results would be staggering. And the "They have no reason to rig it, they already make enough money" argument is useless. While they would make an insane amount of rake from a legit site, from a business perspective there is no point at which you are "making enough".

pokerjunkie said...

this what i have noticed that everyone airing their frustrations at full tilt being rigged but does anyone know that this site is governed by "alderny gaming commission" this is actually the site that we should be throwing all these concerns too.
if we have a big enough number pounding them with these brilliant PRNG/RNG flaws then they have no choice but to look into it otherwise we are just airing our concern to each other, sorta "barking at the wrong crowd" as for howard lederer, phil gordon et al they should all got robbed with all the billions they made off of us all and then suffer a slow and painfull death.

Felipe said...
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Felipe said...

go google "ALDERNY GAMING COMMISSION" and check out their website this is the governing body that oversees FTP RNG/PRNG's software.
There we can all voice out our beef with FTP which I already did but I think does not warrant because there's only me, but if we all send them emails and then we stand a better chance of being heard.

Chris said...

Miracle runner runners happen in real life too buddy. I was at the casino Im holding 88, guy with AhJh, a guy2 w/ AA, guy 3 with JJ.

Flop 2h7c8h I check and everyone goes all in and Im happy. Turn comes 5h guy 1 makes his flush, but Im still good because theres still a few hundred in the side pot with AA and JJ guys. They each have 1 out and river comes a J!! I lose it all.

Then just yesterday I go to the casino after work. first hand A4 I fold, second hand AK I call a raise along with 3-4 other callers, flop is nothing good I fold. 3rd hand KK!! I check guy bets $12 I call and theres 1 more caller.

Flop 947 rainbow.

guy 1 checks, original better leads out with $50 and reraise all-in to $90. He flips over QJ and I marvel at what a stupid call he made and smile. Turn 8, River 10. He makes his runner runner straight..