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Saturday, October 2, 2010

FT has not changed and in fact in my opinion has gotten worse

I took a good chunk of time away from FT because I just couldnt take it anymore. The beats were getting to the point where I would have back to back to back beats of two outers or one outers on the river. Which cannot be random. In fact before I took a little break I had hands run CONSECUTIVELY in one tourney like this:

Me AA vs QJ flop is A39 and it runs out K 10.......okay it happens
The very next hand
Me A8 vs A3 flop is A8J all in. Runs 3 3.  Hmmm getting interesting. Now let me just point this out. This is right before cashing. In fact I am noticing that the worst beats I get come right before cashing. Its a very odd occurence.

Now I am not out is this tourney by the way. I was a huge chip leader. It was a 90 person 11 dollar. I had about 35K to start with. I am now down to about 12K and two spots from cashing.

The very next hand (not the hand I am playing by the way,  this was three hands directly in a row):

Me KK vs AQ unsuited. Flop K94 good for me. Turn 5, river 7. Wow great for me. I am so happy. Chips go to my opponent and I am out. Hold up. What?? I have to look again because I didnt realize it ran out spades and gave him a flush to his ace for the win. WTF you have to be kidding me.

Now why do I point this out. Because I got back on last weekend and this week and have noticed that not only have the beats gotten more outrageous, but it seems as though FT is intentionally making sure I dont cash. Sound ridiculous?

This is just one of about 30 examples this week when I should have cashed and made a good profit, but instead was left with nothing.......all to players who conform to the formula I have preached all along.

A. Foreign Player
B. Losing Player

If these two factors come into play I would say FT will make you lose about 95% of the time. Now that being said. Heres a hand. Yup its a 9 person. 4 players left. The player I called here pushed all in 6 times in a row. I felt that my hand was the best and I was correct. He had 3 outs. He hits 2 of 3 cards and I go out without cashing......again. Losing player......check. Foreign player........Russian. Its amazing how these things go hand in hand when it comes to getting a bad beat and not cashing in a tourney. By the way all three of these players at the table that cashed were foreign and all the american players who played the best cards got beat. Very interesting.

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