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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Literally......Full Tilt owes an explanation for this

I can actually call this shit before it happens. I sharkscoped the guy:

Foreign player.....Check
Lost money on the site.....Check

So hes been pushing crap the whole game. I see that he goes all in again and I think, nah he doesnt have it hes beat. Then I call and I see it AND I SWEAR TO YOU I SAY TO MYSELF HE WILL HIT THE KING ON THE RIVER because he fits the bad beat profile. So the turn comes. And then comes the slight small hesitation before the river cards is shown and I know it already. I got up and walked away before I saw it, turned around and looked and BAM there it is. I can actually call these beats. I am getting good at it. If only I could see the players that I am playing before I register for the tourney I think I could actually pick who I would win against and who I would lose against. I may look into getting that video software so that I can talk along live and call the beats before they happen. I wonder how Full Tilt could explain that happening???

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andrew said...

so I'm going to leave you a message because this has been happening to me everyday....its so puzzling..just tonite got my boat cracked by a higher boat in 7 card stud 8 or better...I have a screen shot im going to send you ...lol its of a 9 card board i have kk and i lose to j8..I'll post it soon...I sent it to full tilt and they said they cant help me...I was on the final table to the sunday brawl