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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Come on now. Really? If I push this I lose 100% of the time

So today I have lost every race, never hit any straight or flush draws and generally am just getting pissed to the point where I take all my money off the poker sites, deleted this blog, fly to Full Tilt headquarters and smack the hell out of everyone there........on second thought I could go to the world series of poker and just smack all those ripoff artists in the back of their heads just for building this bullshit site. So here we go.

Yeah he has AK which is a better hand than mine...........So what? He should have raised. I raised preflop he called, we both checked the flop and the Q hit the turn. I bet he goes all in, I call. Now at this point he has NO PAIR and he cant hit an ace. So he has essentially 3 kings he can hit or 4 jacks. 7 outs on the river, thats it. And the river hesitation comes and I know before the cards shows that he hit it. The computer hooked his foreign ass up and yup. Thats exactly what happened. Such bullshit. I cant even win with the best hand with one card left to fall. The proof is coming, its going to hit Full Tilt hard. When this blog hits a big time poker magazine (oops wait did I just mention that, yes I did).


Mike said...

Crazy -

I am done with online poker after my experiences with FT. Your points are right on and very similar to my experience there. I almost dread getting AA or KK anymore pre-flop. It is very obvious to me that late in tourneys the big stack almost always wins with trash calls. I had AA pre-flop the other night and went all in after a 3 bet and the big stack calls with K9 off. Note that I was not short stacked. His call was for about 80% of his chips LATE in a tourney. Why you would basically put your tourney life on the line to a 4 bet all-in pre-flop is BEYOND me. Shocker the flop shows atj, turn is a blank, then the pause ... hold it, hold it, and the river is a queen. This is only one example of many, many unreal suck outs. Almost always when someone pushes on me with a flush draw they hit. I get it all in with an over pair post flop on a rainbow board and someone calls with a smaller pair and hits their set on the turn or river. The amount of times that the sb and bb have the same card in the hole pre-flop with one holding a better kicker and the card hitting on the flop to make top pair for both players is just unreal. i.e. SB has KT and BB KJ. Flop is 28K. I lost to 27 off the other night with AA. Now tell me why on earth anyone would call with 27 off? Shocker he hit 7 on flop and 2 on river. Sorry, but I've had the same results against these foreign, losing players. I can never, ever get any consistency. I cash in one or two and then lose a bunch in a row on horrible beats and suck outs. I sent FT an email about a guy (chip leader, foreign) catching pocket QQ's twice in 3 hands. Not really a big deal in itself, but what happened next was what really got me going. The big deal comes when he beats AA TWICE in those 3 hands with a Queen on the river. What is the statistically probability of that? FT, threatened to shut down my account and never responded to my question.

I just wish someone would out these guys because I know that something is going on. I've often said that the worst play is rewarded to keep these donks coming back for more and more. My buddy who has been very skeptical of my complaints finally started watching me play for the past few weeks and his comment was "either something is going on at FTP or you have the worst luck of any poker player I've seen." Note that he is a PROFITABLE player at FT.

Darren said...

got enough points for next FT gift so im off FT from now on. Lost on the following hands
KK v A3
AK v 22 (i flopped TP, he flopped a set)
but i have a strange stat I wanted to let you know about.
2000 hands on rush poker 6 handed - had AQ 26 times. but from that in the blinds 12 times (thats 46% of the time compared to an expected 33%)
and in blinds OR first position 17 times (thats 65% compared with an expect 50%). this just seems too high to be variance.
as expected, due to the position im in most of the time AQ is a losing hand for me.

bob said...

I have known this site was a joke for some time. Underdog wins vast majority of the time. Keeps the game exciting and keeps idiots coming back. I was JUST in a hand with AK suited. There were 4 people left in tourney and guy with half my stack shoves preflop with a pair of nines. I lose. Very next hand I get AK suited (spades) yet again. Guy raises preflop and I reraise. Flop comes spade-spade-club. I knew he didn't have anything and I had my draws. The donkey shoves with A6 suited (clubs). I had him covered in every possible way. Only way he could win was with a 6 (unlikely) or 2 running clubs (even more unlikely). Of course the turn and river are club-club. This site is a joke and I will NEVER play again. It rewards donkey raises and stupid calls. How are you supposed to "practice" your poker game when you know in the back of your head smart calls lose on full tilt. I'm only going to play in person at casinos now.

Screenshot link: http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/8085/badbeatj.png