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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Full Tilt makes the unrandom question too easy lately

Lets take this hand. There is not much more proof needed for unrandomness. This is an all in hand, that I push into a horrible donkey. Let me preface this by saying as soon as the guy got into the sit n go I saw that:

A. He was from Russia
B. He has lost a lot of money on here.

So I say to myself "dammit, another foreign player that has lost money, there is a bad beat coming." So I actually win some chips from him which is surprising. Then I get AA and he raises and I am like thank god I might win one of these, he goes all in and I call. HE HAS A FREAKING Q 3 off suit. And hits trip 3's versus my AA. So I think to myself "oh shit, here we go again." And then this happens.
All in preflop because he raised again so I go all in because I know he doesnt have anything. I hit the ace on the flop and think again, I am going to lose this. AND THEN RUNNER RUNNER 7. The odds of which are just not going to happen. Thanks Full Tilt for this perfect example of how unrandom your website actually is.

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