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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Sunday, March 20, 2011

For FTOPSchamp2B

There it is. If I had my chat privileges (maybe you dont know but way back in the beginning I posted that I randomly had my chat priveleges removed....because FT felt I was in collusion with another player...a player I didnt even know...but there is nothing you can do because they wont respond to e-mail asking about it and they dont have to, they are crooks plain and simple, they dont have any reason or incentive to respond to their "customers".), lost my thought...if I had my chat priveleges I would have responded back by saying i lost the first hand I played of the game which dropped me down to 800 chips by having QQ and flopping a set of Q and having someone go all in with a random K8, no pair, no flush draw, no straight draw, he ran a straight.

I would have also told you who would be the final three in the game. There were only three players at the the table that were non American. Guess what....thats who was your final three. They make the worst calls and the worst plays, but yet, they always seem to win.

And here is the hand that you saw me go out on. I raised preflop, and got a call. When the third K hit I had to feel confident that the person didnt call me with a K and certainly would not have called the raise with a 6....but I was wrong. The Donkey called me with a 63 off, because we all know this is the greatest hand in the world and everyone should play it. I could have told you I would lose, even before the first hand of the game, just by scrolling over peoples locations. It is amazing, either I have a super unique internet future seeing ability......or FT is total fucking bullshit and their computer randomness code is so faulty that I can read it...fuck it, its like I am in the matrix.


Cheated said...

Hey Diggity, FTOPSchamp2b here. No, I hadn't realized your chat privileges were suspended, though I realize now that I'm scarcely surprised. "FTOPSchamp2b" is not actually my real handle, it's a new account I had to create because my old one is presently suspended. So I guess that's another thing we have in common.

I don't know if you read these posts or not. If you do, feel free to email me at crazydiggity.is.right@gmail.com so we can compare evidence.
If you don't read these posts then I guess I am writing this to no one, in which case I'll have to look for you online sometime and forward you the email address that way. Then at least we can correspond and compare software patterns. Because yes, I've got lots of stories. LOTS...


Shannon said...

they suspended my chats as well, and i still dont know the reason.