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Friday, March 25, 2011

I mean how many times can I prove this site is fake

If you are one of the doubters out there. I have proven over and over again that FT is fake. The hand below is from the very beginning of a tourney. The guy has pocket aces. I didnt know this. But I call his minimal raise. I hit a set. I am dominant and should win this hand right now. Hey sorry buddy, you should have raised more to get me out of the hand. I bet and he goes all in on the flop. Of course I call him. I should have won this hand. But once again......for the 19 millionth time the small hesitation on the river comes and I know right away FT is going to make me lose. The ace of which there is a max on 2 shows up, he could also have hit a club as long as it didnt pair the board. Odds say I win, but once again FT "Thinks" about the river card and I bust out to a player who.....wait for it....stats below:

Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Ability /100 Network Filter

ROBINJJJ 3,429 -$1 $3 -50% -$5,038 Super Tilt

Thats right. THEY JUST PLAIN SUCK. They have lost more than 5K on an average game of 3 bucks. Do you even understand how many games you have to flat out lose at 3 bucks to be down FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.
So the player fits the bill I have been preaching all along. FT must string them along and allow them to win hands they shouldnt. Why? Because this players is a cash cow for FT. He is funding FT. Lets say on average he has a tourney fee of 40 cents. This player alone using averages in terms of games played has paid more than 1600 dollars in tourney fees to FT. He has also lost 5K which is not taken into account on poker tracking websites. So in all he has lost more the 6600 bucks.
Ask yourself again..........why would FT cheat????

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