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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This might have to be my last hoorah

I just cant take this site anymore. I have been sitting patient (I folded aces and kings after seeing a couple stupid flops knowing I would lose) and waiting for a hand. I wait and wait and wait. ....just to travel back a little bit....last night I play .25 / .50 and get AJ in which I have one caller. The flop is AJJ. Of course I am betting and the other player goes all in. Of course he has AA. Whatever I guess you could say it happens.

Back to tonight I have AJ and hit two pair against one caller. The flop is all suited and worries me. But I know I have the best hand and I bet. I get reraised. So I raise again and he goes all in. I of course call. Well F**K me silly. A Queen on the river.

Two nights in a row with AJ and I lose all my buy in. Thanks for not being random at all full tilt. This has happened for almost a year now. Thats a three outer tops on the river. For all the doubters I have to ask. For the site to be random wouldnt this have to happen for me as well? Also wouldnt the best hand win a greater percentage time since more hand = more beats.

If anyone is even thinking about playing on Full Tilt. Please dont. Invest your money. This site only exist to take it from you.


Nathan said...

dude i think your right pretty sure its not random just deposited my 100 dollars today and what do i have left? 1.78!!! mostly played tournaments because silly me i feel i have a chance there any way i agree this website isnt for good poker players its for people who have alot of money and dont mind losing alot have all your stories and more in one day this is a scam the odds just dont add up. I understand why some people think people are cheating but really its just the website!!! RANDOM # GENERATOR MY ASS!!!!!!!

Nathan said...

To bad i didnt read this before i deposited. ohh well expensive lesson i get really unlucky in casinos to but not even near as close as online!!