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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Full Tilt Network Issues

So this has happened thrice today. The webpage states that all systems are operational and working, however as you can clearly see by the message at the bottom of the page Full Tilt has paused the tournaments. So what I am suppossed to sit here for an hour or maybe more and wait for the tournament to start again? This is BS. We have things to do FT. I have already lost my buy in twice due to these issues today. I am documenting it here so that when I send FT an e-mail asking for my money back, I would love to see what they say. I mean the money went somewhere right??

That also gets me thinking. What kind of legitimate business does not have customer service? Thats ridiculous. We are paying customers and we cant pick up a phone and call a customer service rep. This is very odd and we are all quite stupid for playing on this website. If they take all your money.......who do you complain too LOL.

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