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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lets keep it going

Please note these are not all ins. These are all ins after the flop in which I should win these hands. It is nearly if not completely impossible to see these 3 outers or less continue many many times a day.


the said...

I follow your blog from time now and I want to say thank you!!

In the beginning I was wondering if I was the unluckiest player in the world. I got so many bad beats against no sense players specially in biggest pots I play (in which they were underdog or totally in bluff and the runner runner makes me down every time).
[I lost my bigger pot ever (5K!!!) due to a mono out with a crazy call of the opponent ]

I was getting crazy also because I'm a software engineer and while I play i "notice" that something is wrong. How people with 2 to 4 outs seems to hit EVERY TIME against me? and I never win with 12 to 15 outs? Only a rigged system can do that in long term.
And why when it "seems" i HAVE TO LOSE, I always hit the only out it make me totally loser ? (e.g: closing nuts flush draw with the colored card for his full house)

I wanna say THANK YOU because you give me the reason to be sure IT'S RIGGED. if you want, you can contact me, just reply to this and I will leave you my email.

Lorin Yelle said...

I have a question for you:

Can you please explain what it is that has happened when a good player sucks out horribly and busts the fish for his last dime?

Lorin Yelle said...

Apparently this is a site for the criminally insane. I see that your posting dates back to 2008.

If you feel like you have been cheated all this time, why are helping to run their site with your rake dollars? And how can feel like you are better than them if you are funding their operation?

zuma said...

I recently took second in a full tilt tourney (1000 + players) won 1200 $ and cashed most of it out.since then I CANT win anything.its so bad i have a full desktop of hands that are beyond belief.i cant even call them bad beats they are so obviously rigged.i cant win a hand heads up no matter how far ahead i am.lederer and his thieves should be lined up and shot.the cash games are joke,its like playing against a computer and i can call the cards.im done getting ripped off, take whats left of my winnings and closing my account.i love to play but i know this is bullshit.oh i know the odds so do not try tell me "thats poker",and i dont need 100,000 hands to prove it,i would be broke by then.thanks for the site,maybe one day they will be exposed as i have no doubt its rigged,i just cant believe they still have players,and defenders.

Darren said...

have had a strange week with full tilt. playing rush you tend to see results quicker. Ive got my bankroll to the same figure twice this week which was then followed by FT swindling me.
yesterday the figures just didnt add up. 10 handed rush
AA-JJ, AK-AJ 30 hands - won 43%
# times in the blinds for these hands 30% (should be 20%)
# of loses of AA-JJ to flopped sets - 30% (should be 12%)

LittleRaggie said...

I only play FOUL TILT when I'm @ work and after thousands of games @ all levels, play money or real money, I can only agree that the random dealer is not a random dealer.
I have nominated cards that will drop on the river and take me out of the game time & time again & I have watched that dreaded hesitation on the river when your hand in the best and only a bad (contrived) beat will beat you. Then it happens the clown who would never have bet if it were a live cash game beats you with absolute shit.
I play live touraments 3 times a week and nowhere have I experienced the fall of cards that FOUL TILT's site generates.
I agree with the comment that foreign players win with absolute shit & the comment referred to the 6 - 3 off suit call is totally true. I have called all in with AA and gotten a call from a player from Serbia. When he turned over 6 - 3 off I laughed, when he hit on the flop the turn and the river to get a full house I was pissed.
Now those F'ing cheats are off the air as the FBI shut down the gambling sites of POKER SCARS, FOUL TILT & others were shut down today..... About fucking time. Those arseholes deserve everything they get for their contempt of those who tried to play online honestly.
They've been caught out in the past with those on the inside lining their own pockets & if they ever get back online they will continue to do the same..

Craig LaMonte said...

You must be crazy. You were behind from the jump? WTF man.

van goze said...

you guys are funny..so many players call it rigged, yet continue to play...admit that you suck...in this particular hand...the AJ has 3 out on the flop which translates to about a 12% chance to catch up ..1 in 8 ..it happens quite often...even a 10 on river or if he had a spade..he would have won...the odds of rolling snake eyes is 1 in 36 and i've seen them multi-consecutively many a time..luckily i bet the world bet...anywho FTP is shut down now...darn

gd said...

bizzare i agree but i have been shot down many times by so called experts for over 4 years now about how its all above board send them to jail 25 years min.All i can say is JUSICE WILL PREVAIL.GrantDonovan

zach said...

thats a six outer moron

zach said...
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CharlyHorse said...

for the record, it was a 6 outer.

Unknown said...

for the record, it was a 6 outer