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Saturday, April 2, 2011

WTF? I mean honestly how many times can this happen


seebob said...
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seebob said...

Very regularly actually. Are you complaining just because you had AA. Would it be such a bad beat if you had 88

Crazydiggity said...

Yes. It would actually. Thats a 2 outer there seebob. You are clearly not that intelligent when it comes to poker. The guy is less than 5% to hit that , which means 95 out of 100 times I win. But I guess that means nothing to you.

Alex_Haines said...

you're 80-20 fave with a larger pocket pair PF. 2 times out of every 10 over the long run you will lose in this scenario, this was just one of those times.

You may benefit from a more intimate understanding of the maths behind poker probability and the mind-boggling infinity of the numbers you are actually dealing with when you plug yourself into a site like full tilt and play for a few hours, especially if you multi-table. Stuff that is 1% or 0.1% will start happening all over the place because that's just the numbers working themselves out.

Top guys will play hands like this all the time and not even bat an eyelid. It's the attitude that counts, the situation is actually very common.

Crazydiggity said...

Alex, not to call you a fool. But the more hands more bad beats theory is foolish. Its not the numbers working themselves out. Simply put if a site was working correctly and offered correct odds then the beats that are seen would be offset by correctly won odds. Therefore if you see multiple beats at mutiple tables, then the odds working themselves out would allow you to go an a super streak of winning as the numbers work themselves out the other way.

As I have shown here and other people have confirmed this simply is not happening. It is bad beat after bad beat.

alan said...

Have read this whole blog and looked at all the examples, and see no 'proof' of anything. I play way more live than online and see this happening everyday, every single day in every single session, so by your logic the casino's are in cahoots with the donkeys?

I'm far from convinced of the inregrity of online poker sites, but if you are saying you can 'Prove' something then prove it, showing random bad beat hands proves nothing at all.

Keep your chips on the table and off your shoulder.