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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Sunday, April 3, 2011

So I quit yesterday after that bad beat and then today first tourney second hand

Dream flop exactly what I want. All in. Called. He has more or less two aces tops he can hit and one person had already folded who called the raise. So I am figuring he has one out. I see the Queen on the turn and then........yup the amazing river pause.

Lets talk about that for a second shall we. Why if cards fall randomly does the river pause need to occur? There is no reason for this to happen. The cards should fall at the same speed as both the flop and the turn which is pretty much instant. Why is there a hesitation on the river? Obviously something is going on. The computer is "thinking" what card to show next. Why does it need to do this? It doesnt make much sense and just proves more and more that the game is not random at all. It is completely controlled by the FT servers. This person was given the win over me.

So to finish the hand. I knew either A) One of the two, probably only one aces was going to come off or B) one of the 2 queens was going to come off. This is the ONLY way I lose this hand. After the pause the Q comes. Lets not even talk about the odds of running QQ to win the hand and the board showing 3 queens. He has a maximum of 4 outs. This is a hand rarely seen. Yet I have posted hands that occured to me almost back to back from yesterday to today with only 2 hands in between playing time. Amazing? Nope, unrandom and fixed.


Shannon said...

thats the biggest bunch of bullshit i have ever seen... but quite common. This used to happen to me all the time when i played online. I once flopped quad 6's. The computer then proceeded to give another player runner runner to make a better quad hand...quads over quads???? are you phucking kidding me???? this is why i only play live!!! thanks for you blog

Lorin Yelle said...

Another question:

What do you think your opponent is thinking if he loses this hand with AA?

A) The world is just and those pocket fives have beaten me with the exact frequency with which this should occur, or
B) Donkey calls my raise with pocket fives and naturally hits a set and busts me. This always happens to me- online poker is rigged!!!!!!!

This example is ridiculous because the same set of criteria can be used by either party to explain both possible outcomes. Yet if this were true, only one person could be right and have gotten cheated.

devilphish said...

you're a dummy with your "pause" theory, computers are lightning fast and can produce a "rigged" river just as fast as a "random" river

LittleRaggie said...

DevilPhish the pause theory ain't a theory it's a fact.... I've played countless games on FOUL TILT & when I'm in an all-in hand & that phucker pauses on the river it's always in the other persons favour never mine & I'm been paused outta a lot of games.. I still play FOUL TILT but only for play money to pass the time during slow periods @ work.. POKER SCARS & POTTY POKER are just as bad.

Craig LaMonte said...

Ok...you were AGAIN behind from the jump. MY GOD.

seebob said...

You would have been beaten if the turn OR the river was an ace or a queen. Your opponent wasn't that lucky.

Crazydiggity said...

so seebob you are saying that 6 outers happen all the time? If so then you are another moron defending the poker sites. They are rigged. Do you know the percentage of a 6 outer coming on the turn or river? It rarely happens. Except online it happens all the time so you are numb to it. Thank god FT is shut down. I hope to god if they legalize it, they also require a government audit such as it is in every other gambling establishment in this country.

Bert said...

Crazydiggity what are you talking about? 6-outers with two cards left happen over 20% of the time. Apparently you don't understand how to calculate poker odds. 1 in 5 times a person with 6 outers will hit. That's certainly not "rarely." Why don't you post all the times your hands hold up and then calculate the amount of times 6-outers won. If you come up with a number much above the actual odds then maybe someone will start believing you.

Crazydiggity said...

Since Berts mind obviously cant comprehend odds. Lets take what we know. Bert 11.5% is the odds of a six outer coming. So yes if we double for the turn and the river we can say that 23% of the time this hand will hit. This IS RARELY. If I say give me 100 dollars and there is a 23% chance that I will give you $200 would you do it. NO because you would have to invest 500 bucks to be guaranteed to get back 200. If we expand those odds to 10K hands then. 7700 times I win and 2300 times I lose. Thats rarely in my book. And you have to realize that most of these beats are back to back to back. I dont play enough anymore to play enough hands. The odds just dont even out.

ma1achai said...

That wasn't a true 6-outer anyways... even worse. Seebob said that "You would have been beaten if the turn OR the river was an ace or a queen."

Wrong... you would have been beaten if the turn or river was an Ace OR if there were runner-runner Q's or 7's. A single one of either of those does not beat you.

Now... the 'pause' thing is certainly an invalid theory, though. It would take no discernible time for the computer to spit out a random versus a fixed result. Now, let's pretend that it is rigged... if there was a difference in the time it took to give the two types of river cards, they would make it longer to match... they certainly wouldn't leave one longer than the other. Any river pause is left in to build suspense (like would be at a live game).

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