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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Honestly. What more can I do?

Every single person except myself hits. Here this guy has three outs before the flop. THREE. Once JUST ONCE I would like to see the better hand win. In real life he is almost drawing to nothing. Three cards three handed means his percentage to hit is so small that very rarely does he win. But of course on Full Tilt this is a common occurance.

Full Tilt Poker Game #5828743025: $6 + $0.50 Sit & Go (Turbo) (44371991), Table 1 - 250/500 - No Limit Hold'em - 13:27:16 ET - 2008/03/29
Seat 3: ecko355 (3,620)
Seat 5: Crazydiggity (3,880)
Seat 9: Buckeyerob (6,000)
ecko355 posts the small blind of 250
Crazydiggity posts the big blind of 500
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Crazydiggity [Kc Jc]
Buckeyerob folds
ecko355 raises to 3,620, and is all in
Crazydiggity calls 3,120
ecko355 shows [8h Jh]
Crazydiggity shows [Kc Jc]
*** FLOP *** [5d Qs 3d]
*** TURN *** [5d Qs 3d] [8c]
*** RIVER *** [5d Qs 3d 8c] [3s]
ecko355 shows two pair, Eights and Threes
Crazydiggity shows a pair of Threes
ecko355 wins the pot (7,240) with two pair, Eights and Threes
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 7,240 | Rake 0
Board: [5d Qs 3d 8c 3s]
Seat 3: ecko355 (small blind) showed [8h Jh] and won (7,240) with two pair, Eights and Threes
Seat 5: Crazydiggity (big blind) showed [Kc Jc] and lost with a pair of Threes
Seat 9: Buckeyerob (button) didn't bet (folded)


tiltdad said...

Hey! You posted a hand history, cool! Maybe you can go back and post the HH's for all the other hands you've posted?

Actually, preflop he's only a 27-70 dog, not even 3-1, with a 3% chance of a tie. So about one in three times you're going to lose that.

Just poker.

Crazydiggity said...

No about 3 in 10 times I am going to lose that. On full tilt it just so happens that you will lost that 8 of 10 times. LOL you act as if this is commonplace. Do you even play live? Or are you conditioned to defend online poker?

tiltdad said...

D'OH, you're right! LOL. I mistyped. So you're saying that since you can lose 3 out of 10 times, and you lose one, IT'S RIGGED!


I've been known to play, yes.

I'm not defending 'online poker' (although I would if people tried to outlaw it), I'm just commenting that I caught you making posts claiming FTP is rigged when you aren't even posting the hands as they really occurred.

Crazydiggity said...

I am posting the hands exactly as they have occured and just for you I will try to grab hand histories as much as possible.

thebmorekid said...

I told you sooner or later someone would come asking for hand histories. I've never used it, but I believe there is software that will take the hand history and make a visual representation of the hand. sbrugby uses it, and jmlabrie18 might know where to get it.
Hey, but this is what you were looking for, right? A discussion on things? Congrats Diggity, looks like you've opened up the discussion...
Hey, the only proof that you need to know it's rigged is to read my latest post on my Omaha tourney. We all know I'm a donkey at Omaha. How else could I have won that thing? RIGGGGED!

Crazydiggity said...

LOL. I saw that post. Congrats. The problem with the hand histories is they take up so much space. But if I leave some of it off you know some people will question that as well. The worst thing is I dont think people realize that the title of the blog is sort of a joke and I really dont have an opinion one way or the other. Its just my way of keeping track of the beats. Because and I quote from rounders "You always remember the losing hand and never the winning ones".

Anonymous said...

I am ecko355
youre a tool

Crazydiggity said...

Then your mom loves a tool...

God I love those momma jokes.