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Friday, March 28, 2008

The most unrealistic poker day yet

Full Tilt is definitely rigged. Today leaves no doubt in my mind. Bad players have been rewarded all freakin day. The shitz unreal. Runner runner or two out river EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN hand. I mean seriously. I get all my money in with the best hand by far and Full Tilt rewards those players that show with a negative profit on sharkscope. EVERY SINGLE PERSON that was "given" runner runner or a two outer had a negative profit. I dont mean 1 or 2 or 3 games. This has happened to me in ALL 20 tourneys I have played today. So random is out the window. Full Tilt Poker is most certainly rigged. I cant even question it anymore. For example, look at that turn, I put this donkey all in, they dont even think. Insta call. BOOM Two outer. Thanks says Full Tilt dont forget to deposit more money because we will always let you win. FUKIN BS.

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