Welcome to everyone who found the site. Whether you believe its random or you believe its not. Here is some evidence on the site. Based on e-mail from readers I have gotten I will attempt to make this a better all around poker site. Sure beats will still be discussed but maybe we can get some blog reader tourneys going or have blog readers invite others and share there own tourney wins and losses via blogs. Just send me an e-mail I will attempt to create a network of poker blogs.

Believers and.........Non-Believers

Thursday, March 6, 2008

How Many Times can bad play be rewarded?

Here I raise preflop, get min raised. I call. Now.........top 6 get paid. The flop comes. She min bets, I know I have her beat. I go all in. Without thinking an insta call. Amazing the next card is one of those 6 outs she has in the deck. Come on full tilt......get outta here with that BS. Once again proving that "random" is only a saying at full tilt.

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