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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am getting good at calling it......

So this hand came. I raised more than pot size preflop and had one caller. I saw that flop......now I would say probably 90% of players would reraise this guy after he bet out, but I saw that and I was like, hes got the flush. Fucking Full Tilt gave me AA after I ran up more than 60 bucks this weekend and now they want to take it back. So I called his little raise. Then he checked the turn and I checked, and then he checked the flop and like I said most people would bet, but I knew, I promptly stand up and leave full tilt for the day.

I can call this stuff. Maybe I can come up with a formula where you can become profitable on Full Tilt. Is there a % gain before you start losing? Can you play and stop when you know FT is starting to F you over? I am going to keep track and let you know. I am up 67 bucks in one day today. So that feels pretty good.

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