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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am so pissed this weekend at Full Tilt I dont know how to even describe it. But for all the new people who may be thinking of putting money on this site...DONT. I have more than enough proof here to show the site is rigged. I can tell when I bad beat will occur before ever even seeing cards. Full Tilt is rigged to keep bad players adding money and good players even and no profit.

This week I have been keeping track of if there is a point where Full Tilt fucks you. The answer is a big yes. Once I hit a certain profit point Full Tilt made sure I lost. I am talking this weekend has been so bad. 1 and 2 outers on the river, runner runner straights and flushes..........but only against me....the profitable player. I sharkscoped every person I lost again and guess what......they ALL lost money on the site. Not one of the bad beats I received came from a profitable player. Is more proof really needed?


Bryan said...

I'm starting to notice this as well i made a good amount of profit from last week but starting this week every single tourney i joined i have been beat but in a terrible way. Im usually never scared holding AA KK or AK but im starting too cause its always getting cracked by the worse hands. These runner runners are ludacris i have sat at a casino for 10 hrs before i have never even seen that many bad beats and all in 1 tourney. My stats on shark scope was Super Hot and now its Super Tilt no matter how good my hand may be it still falls short once the river hits. Too bad i already cashed out a good portion of the money I am not giving full tilt any more money back. Pretty sad for players who buy in for 10 dollars and can't cash out unless they have 100.
I have some pics of someone getting runner runner Royal Flush and also of me holding pocket Ks vs Pocket Qs and he flops quads on me once i figure out how to post i will. I have so many bad beat pictures i think i can make an album.

Ash Mc said...

Lemme just say... you are paranoid, because listen.. you tell us that the way to lose is by sitting with people who are all lower profited than you so you lose. Think about it.. yes you said that. So you're telling us that it's rigged that way so.. get my point yet? you can sit with all higher profited than you players and somehow it's rigged you'll win. Come on think about you speak.

Ash Mc said...

before* you speak. I'm just saying lol.

Crazydiggity said...

ASH MC. What are you talking about? I meant what I said. The money goes back to employees of the site. Read more posts before you comment. You do realize that every single site admits that they have "house" players or site employees that fill tables right? Of course its rigged towards them winning as anything they take home is profit for the site. Think about that.