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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Friday, June 18, 2010

From a post made to one of the other hands

JD here you are and this is his post. See JD is one of those people who like to get on the sites and say Full Tilt Poker is not rigged, they wouldnt risk this, why would they do this when they are already making money, blah blah blah. Well obviously JD doesnt understand business. So I will explain it to him. Here is his post:
Blogger JD said..Ok dudes. I can always tell when people are lying because their arguments stop making sense. Why would full tilt care about making flushes happen when you have flopped a set. A fourth card of the same suit is considered a scare card, not a scam. A scare card actually decreases the likelihood that people will bet. It is infuriating, but it would not even serve a fathomable purpose for the poker site. As for all the evidence? None of it is legitimate. Why would a poker site cheat? Imagine this, you own a poker site, that deals random cards. People come to your site and give you money and then ultimately let you keep it. You make a lot of money because a lot of people use your site. Meanwhile, you take a walk in the park, grab a smoothie, and egg your mother in law's car. You then take a nap, go to the bank, and cash your massive check. There is no point in changing the system. A significant group of the population already believes that the poker site is cheating them, so why confirm their beliefs. Why even allow for the remote possibility that your site gets shut down? Owning a poker site that runs cards fairly is a breeze. Instead of giving programmers money to create cheating software to increase revenue, why not spend that money on advertising? It would achieve the same effect, with no risk. I'm tired of seeing blogs with one sided arguments on how not just Full Tilt is rigged, but every poker site they have ever played on is. Now, I have to say that if people really do leave the sites that are "obviously" rigged like they say they do, then where is the fair site that nobody is leaving. The site that people can "obviously" tell is fair. Where is the fair site that people don't think is cheating them out of their money? There isn't one because the other sites aren't cheating you. As for the stories about insiders who confirm that cheating happens. They always start out reasonable and then they completely give their falsity away by including something completely ludicrous. "I've been friends with Mike Matusow,and his brother, Scott, (who does not play poker at all, but is disc Jockey, he does podcasts)for a few years now, since 2006. And Mike did confirm to me in private that Full Tilt Poker is, in fact, rigged. They want the tournaments to end as fast as they can, so the people that lose can enter another tournament and thus, give more money to the site. I asked him this once when we were playing at home over a beer, and he was very cocky about all of this. He asked me,"Have you ever had any bad beats there?(FTP)" and I said,"Yeah. Tons of times." He laughed maniacally and then explained the method, which is too long for me to explain here, regarding the way people are destroyed with staff" This part of the story was well constructing. The inclusion of detail about Mike's brother leads an unobservant reader to believe that this commenter has some degree of credibility. And here comes the ridiculous part. "On top of that, the deal is not random, but rather, controlled by a human, not a cpu, and that is why you will see 3 or 4 people get knocked out by a guy who goes all in with an 8/3 offsuit or something ridiculous like that." ... a human? really? This person is trying to tell you that poker sites have a room full of people who pick a random table and screw with it. Now I'm not sure how much these people would be getting paid, but that sounds massively inefficient to me. While I am open to new ideas, this is completely absurd. All of the games are run by computers dimwit. Any worker interferance wouldn't be worth the wages they are being paid. Stop bsing the world with your garbage. given that one part of the story is clearly false, you can then only conclude that the rest of it really has no credibility. You can determine that this guy probably is not friends with the poker player, and probably did not sit down and have a beer with him. There, are you happy now? This argument has several words.  
Well JD let me explain it to you. Lets say I tell you that you can make $5,000.00 an hour and do nothing. All you have to is run a legitimate poker site. No cheating, nothing. Everything is straight up, good hands win most of the time, bad hands and bad players lose money and stop playing and dont come back to the site. So now you have a poker site making $5,000 bucks an hour and you are doing nothing, but your players arent really growing either so rather than increasing profits, your profit stays pretty much right at 5,000 an hour.  
I come to you and say I can create software that can make games go quicker, this same software can also track players and make sure that good players dont make to much money and bad players win every once in a while so they want to keep playing. And you say "nah, thats not really ethical or fair" and this programmer says well I can guarantee you that if you do it you can go from making $5000 an hour to making $50,000 an hour. All of a sudden your ethics pretty much go out the window. Because greed is an amazing thing and in our society everyone wants more money.   
So software is installed which deals "action cards" and the games go faster which means more players pay more tourney fees and more rake to the site. 
Bad players hit more of there gutshots and flushes and one outers and two outers on the turn and river and they like it. They like the rush they get from the bad beat so when they are out of money, they deposit more and keep playing.  
These people in turn invite their friends to get bonus money.......money that only becomes a bonus once you earn enough Full Tilt points (which are earned by fees you pay the site) that the site makes sure they dont just give you money without making some on the bonus. So the player base grows........  
Then you realize uh oh someone might catch on, lets take our servers and company which was located in CA and required the system to be audited and checked for randomness to another country. Costa Rica sounds good. They dont have any fair gambling laws. So now I am located in another country and I dont have to get audited and the system (according FT own website) has not been checked for almost 4 years for randomness. And doesnt have to be because they no longer reside on US soil. So here we are a nice random fair poker site that started earning 5000 bucks an hour (something most people would be happy with) has now become a giant. Earning thousands per hour and hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. No longer located in the US and no longer subject to testing.  
Now please ask yourself again "Why would someone risk making an unfair system?" The answer is above.


Cheated said...

I've been reading your blog about how online poker, especially FTP, is rigged. I've always thought the site was fishy. During a $150+16 buy-in, down to 16 people left in the tourney with a top prize of $18,000, I was second in chips out of 16. Only one player can eliminate me from the tourney, and of course he is at my table. I am dealt pocket 10's and the flop comes K-10-3. Well, I'm sure you can guess who had pocket KK's at the table?? That's right: the ONLY guy in the whole tournament who can bust me. He knocked me out, went on to win the 18k, and when I looked up his stats I discovered he was a losing player. Basically, a flop of K-10-3 absolutely guaranteed we would both put all our money in the pot.

So yes, I am one of the targeted players for sure. But I was still able to avoid losing too much by playing a lot of single table SnGs. From time to time I would catch FTP trying to "trap" me by dealing me JJ or QQ four-handed, on the bubble. Fortunately, I was smart enough to smell something fishy, and folded them pre-flop to my KK-holding opponent. Instead, the KK went on to eliminate someone else at the table, and so I was able to outsmart FTP on a few occasions and make the money on SnGs.

The very first time I ever played on PokerStars, it was the $100 SCOOP event. Out of 15,700 players, I went out in 176th place, making $700 -- a good score. But guess what? That was my FIRST TIME on PokerStars, and I've never won anything else since (my latest loss on PS being a tourney where my opponent went all in with AK, and I called him holding AK...and yes, he won).

Now, I have always maintained that FTP (and all poker sites) are fishy. And I know I'm right because of my ability to fold QQ pre-flop in a four-handed game. Therefore, I know you are right too. BUT I always like to play devil's advocate, so here are some arguments you might think about needing to answer in case you are confronted by doubters who call you a head case:

1.) The reason 8,000-player tourneys can wrap up online in 12 hours as opposed to 10 days is because there is no shuffling of cards, counting of chips, 60-minute dinner breaks, etc. etc. I have played brick and mortar tourneys where I can go take a piss, grab a drink, and walk back to the table all during one single hand. Live tourneys are slower because people are slower than computers.

2.) Your opponent keeps calling you pre-flop with garbage hands and winning, but how does FT know they are going to call you? What if they fold pre-flop? Doesn't that throw a wrench in FTP's plans?

3.) Why would you keep depositing money and playing on a rigged site? I hope you only have one answer, that being you are trying to amass a large body of evidence for your case. Otherwise, why the hell are you still playing??

I'd like to talk with you more because I have MANY stories of my own. I have experienced everything you've mentioned in your blogs, including delays before a river card, inferior players besting me with junk, and players with overall successful results just getting too goddamn lucky for words (see CrazyZachary and jse81, to name a few).

I have created a gmail account just for you in case you wish to respond to this comment. The e-mail address is:

See? I told you I created it just for you. Peace and good luck.


Craig said...

I have roughly 1500 screenshots of epic bad beats accumulated on FTP over the past couple of months.

I am a profitable player (26k profit on FTP in 2009) - but haven't banked a single dollar in 2010 due to these beats. That's 7 months of so-called "variance", almost exclusively occurring at the hands of novice/neg.roi players.

I'd love to talk -

email me @ ftprigged@gmail.com

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Havre said...

I have played at least 150 live tournaments and around 5000 online, plus about 2 million hands of online cash games at 25-200NL. Every time i played a live tournament i got busted by a bad beat, the biggest tourney i got busted from was at the aviation club in Paris with JJ vs J9o AIPF. I of course experience the same beats online all the time, but it just seem worse live. So im pretty sure live poker is more rigged than online poker.

But seriously guy, poker is a game of skill AND luck. You can play hundreds of thousands of hands and end up way behind or ahead of your true EV. The way agression has taken over modern poker, luck has become the biggest factor(skill still matters but variance is much greater than in the days when people actually folded hands). You can loose your next 100.000 big hands if you just get unlucky enough(heck, you can loose every hand forever as long as your opponent has outs). All in all its a gamble where if you make the right decisions you will have an edge, not be guaranteed to win every time you statistically have the best of it.

That being said, no poker sites are truly random, the first true RNG was made in 2010 recurring to the principles of quantum physics. So the pokersites claiming to be truly random are lying. They are random enough to play poker on, but theyre not truly random.

Anyway a better reason to boycott FullTilt is their lousy and rude support, and their unwillingness to offer the same benefits to all their players(i.e. rakeback not being offered to existing players). They actually punish players that have been with them the longest. For this reason i have been boycotting FullTilt for some while and encourage everyone else to do so. Sending them e-mails as to why you are boycotting is a good idea, maybe they change theyre ratholing policies.

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