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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lets take that last post further shall we

Lets break it down. Firstly, the player that gave me the beat and hit a 4 outer at MOST after the flop is foreign. I have been pointing this out for nearly 3 years. I honestly believe that FT wants to move american players away from there tables as they dont want any legal problems that may come about.

Secondly and most important of all. Here is this persons stats:

Now knowing this to be the case. This person HAS LOST MORE THAN 2000.00 dollars on Full Tilt. Notice...and your more than welcome to go back and check. Every single player that has hit these type of gutshots or runners or four card flushes has LOST MONEY on the site. Why is this important? Because this is how FT makes money. This person wins today, but has lost overall and they will continue to deposit on the site because there bad play got rewarded today. You might say but FT makes money on game played. YEAH THEY DO. And if this person didnt keep depositing to the tune of more than 2000.00 bucks than they would have made money on them. See thats the secret. Keep people playing. You keep making money. If the bad players keep losing, they dont deposit and THEY DONT MAKE MONEY. Its common sense, and it has been pointed out here for 3 years.

Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Ability /100 Network Filter
stolitsa         519-$4  $11  -12%-$2,077  -52FullTilt    


Emmanuel said...

dude, i feel you pain... i won't play at ftp anymore because of the beats. They're all the same to a certain extent but some are worse than others. Ever try AP or UB? Suckout happens a lot but good hands hold up way more than on FTP. You should give it a try.

Darren said...

Mega-Grinders of all stake levels have analyzed millions of hands, nothing has jumped out as contrary to basic math and probability. Your "proof" is to connect a bad beat with a bad, losing player, and claim the site is rewarding them, on purpose, by "fixing the deck"? Seriously?

Let's go with that theory: as "proof" of rigg1dn3ss you mention that someone who delivered a Bad Beat to you is a LOSING player on Sharkscope. Okay, well let's see how you got your logic might have been spun around...

Any BAD player is going to be in pots more often with "bad" draws than the good players (who will fold a turn pot-sized bet when they have virtually any draw) so this means that a larger percentage of your own personally-experienced Bad Beats WILL BE at the hands of bad players, those who should never have stayed in the hand. AND THAT IS WHY THEY ARE LOSING PLAYERS.

Thinking the site is rewarding a bad player occasionally to keep them optimistic and redepositing etc. etc = bad logic. What is happening is simple MATH. The more a bad player chases bad, the more often he will end up winning a pot... in raw numbers. But as a PERCENTAGE of total "chances" to hit, if they have 9 outs on the turn for their flush with no overs, they will be hitting <20% of the time, period, 4 out of 5 times they will miss.

Onslow12 said...

I don't think FTP targets any players specifically to lose.

I think the site is a lot more juiced than others.

Like every network you have to adjust to the little subtle differences in the rng's. They aren't all the same.

However, FTP is blatant in what it does- constant action inducing flops, turns and rivers, AA 4 bet, fish with T9o flops 89T to set up a coin flip, two players flop a set, 3rd player has flopped a gut shot which gets there on the turn etc.

Horrible site to play because good players put people on ranges, and that is very difficult to do at FTP where loose players will show up with drawing hands or big hands by the river way more than their range suggests.

Can you believe a 90% VPIP has flopped a flush draw again vs your set?

Can you believe you run KK into AA vs a player 3 betting 45%, it is just a bullshit site.