Welcome to everyone who found the site. Whether you believe its random or you believe its not. Here is some evidence on the site. Based on e-mail from readers I have gotten I will attempt to make this a better all around poker site. Sure beats will still be discussed but maybe we can get some blog reader tourneys going or have blog readers invite others and share there own tourney wins and losses via blogs. Just send me an e-mail I will attempt to create a network of poker blogs.

Believers and.........Non-Believers

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How can this even be explained?

After losing 100 dollar or so this weekend on FT the ridiculous continues. If I push this hand after the flop all in as this person did.....guess what I lose. This is such bullshit. Come on bitch ass Howard Lederer take my invite and come sit at my house and explain to me that this is random. Your own site goes against your advice.

Full Tilts motto should be "always play the worst hand and you will win."

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