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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Friday, February 22, 2008

Aces back on Full Tilt's List of Reward the Donkeys

Again I lose with Aces all in preflop, to a one outer. Thats right one of the guys stated he folded a 9. FT doesnt leave much to randomness as it is the first card out there. BS. I am now 2-12 with aces since I started keeping track. Thats right 2 wins and 12 loses. Odds dont seem right huh Full Tilt?


thebmorekid said...

Glad to see some more even keel posts from you. When you mix in the good and the bad, it's a lot better to read.

I respect what you're doing. A lot of people want to say that online poker is flawed, but they don't take the time to document anything about it.

While we disagree on the subject, I enjoy reading your blog and it's eye-opening to see some of sick bad runs anyone can go on from time to time.

Crazydiggity said...

Glad you are reading. Honestly, I want to believe that its not random. I actually lean toward the side that says it is random. Thing is there is always that slight chance (and you have to realize the potential money making opportunity) that there could indeed be a small amount of unrandom cards that are put out there. I am not saying they target a specific person, but if you keep bad players putting money on the site, the profits go up. if they lose to much they wont play anymore. That one slight chance is what I am trying to document, although no one except the program developers will know......and for all we know they are taking a dirt nap in the desert right now.

Luis said...

I have had pocket aces folded by the whole table even when i min raise 4 out of 6 times. it's like they know i have them. Anyone else have this happen often?

Luis said...

have had aces folded 4 out 6 times even with min raises. It's like they know i have them even when i'm big blind. Anyone else have this happen?

Voltaic said...
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Voltaic said...

Luis - Pretty much, and it seemed suspiciously frequent that KKs were dealt out whenever theres an AA