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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Does Bad Play Ever Get Rewarded so Well

The third straight B-more brawl tournament that I get knocked out of with the best hand by far. I have AQ off and raise, have a caller, the flop comes 7 4 Q. Money flop for me with top top. I check to see if I can get a bet. I do a 550 chip bet, i reraise that bet, guy thinks and goes all in over the top. I have to call with top top and me being the raiser, I have to assume I have the best hand. Cards are shown, he has JJ I am golden he has TWO and ONLY TWO cards that can beat me. Yup, thats right thats one of them on the turn. Amazing. Some Jackoff goes all in to a reraise with an overcard on the board. I play well, Full Tilt f's me because there are morons that just dont understand how to play the game and have to rely on a 2 outer to win. F'ing amazing.

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