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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Past Weekend Actually Went Well

I am starting to hit some cards and am up quite a bit since last weekend. Of course when you hit a flop like this it helps out a lot, especially when two morons get all of there chips in..........

Then I took down a nice 45 person to grab some needed funds so that I can get back on the next level tables this week and hopefully earn a bit more. Yes. I finally had a great suckout. All in preflop. Look at that wonderful two outer. I needed that.

And then first thing this morning I take down a nice little gain.......

The only thing that remains elusive is TheBmoreKid and his Wednesday Brawl of which I have no cashes and no knockouts. Goal is to just get a knockout before the end of the month. I have had some bad luck in this one. He did get a pro to play this week so the tournament is getting bigger. Glad he took the time to organize this tourney.

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thebmorekid said...

Thanks for the plug, and glad to hear you're enjoying the Brawl. I've got a feeling next week you'll pop your Brawl cherry. Just don't go KO'ing me in the process!