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Believers and.........Non-Believers

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I really cant win on here anymore. I dont believe I have won anything in 2 days. WTF?

Someone just please explain to me why this never EVER happens for me. I believe its because I have made a profit on here. I can find no other reason. I NEVER crack a better hand. I simply lose. Yet people like this guy, who the hand before called all in with A2 against AK and hit a runner runner flush always seem to hit. Its interesting, and the debate of some people using card readers will continue to rear its head because of this. Hell if I knew I was gonna crack aces I would have went all in with a KQ to.


RobertPallson said...

Why do you lie? You win money on Full Tilt every day.

Crazydiggity said...

I win heads up matches on full tilt yes. If I lose a 6 dollar 45 I play a 6 dollar heads up and try to get it back. But do I win money? The answer is no. Not in a while have I been positive.

Human said...

dude. I've lost with AA tons of times. Go ahead show us how many times you've lost. That really doesn't prove that Full tilt is rigged. Really who the hell told you that AA would win everytime? Stop expecting shit from poker, stop bitching, take it like a man, and the play the fucking cards. It's that simple.