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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Laughing

I am honestly sitting here and just laughing at all of my money disappearing today. This is some of the funniest shit I have ever seen. I am on full blown tilt. I know it doesnt matter what I play with I am going to lose. I am on the list. I dont know if FT has seen this site or not but they have made sure I cant win. I have had the best hand and lost with the best hand EVERY single game today. Let me say that again. I have played a good 20-30 games and have lost EVERY single one with the best hand. Tell me those odds are correct. How about flopping a boat and having someone call with a small pocket pair and getting runner runner quads. Yup. Happened today. A boat, runner runner better boat. The nut flush, runner runner full house for him. For me today is the first time I am ABSOLUTELY sure this site is rigged. I am pushing the all in button and watching the cards and just laughing because I know I am gonna lose. Heres my last two games I played. I had QQ all in, called by KJ, I just start laughing after a 2 6 8 flop. And the turn is a K. I am crazy at this point. I play another turbo. I have AK suited spades, all in, called by a A J off. Flop is 2s, 10s, 3 d. I have a huge flush draw and his ace is dominated by my kicker. I start laughing. 5d, I laugh harder, river J d. I fall out of my chair laughing. This site is rigged, I cant win right now and I cant get my money off of the site. This is great LOL

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