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Friday, July 25, 2008

I dont know what to do right now

I have lost the last 5 sit n gos I have played. Not only have I lost them but I have lost with KK AA and 99 to undercards respectively. I lost KK to a q 8 all in, he hits a set of 8's. Then the KK loses to j 10 with two pair. And my 99 loses to a 67off with a straight. WTF? I should win at least one of these.

I love the advice that everyone seems to give "it happens" it all average in the long run! Unfortunately in real life that is probably true, but not on Full Tilt. I had a run like this last week and though I would come back. But I am not, i am continuing to lose money. In fact, at this point I am almost certain that Full Tilt will take all of my money and force me to reload.

I have no other explanation for these beats. They DONT happen in real life. Once, twice, maybe, but not for 2 weeks. This site is certainly rigged for action and the odds are not correct.

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