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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

keeping track of the BS

How about this one. This is one person away from a final table. The river hesitated for a good 5-6 seconds. BS. Not Random. I have now not been ALLOWED to win or cash in a tourney on FT in at least a week.

Full Tilt Poker Game #7334645452: $10 + $1 Sit & Go (55763020), Table 2 - 150/300 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:21:43 ET - 2008/07/22
Seat 1: 1Eye1 (2,187)
Seat 2: Ahzweepay (3,890)
Seat 4: pktqueens79 (2,134)
Seat 6: NorthrnBoy (6,545)
Seat 7: Crazydiggity (3,770)
Seat 8: Nepal13 (3,480)
Seat 9: Steveninaz (4,908)
Steveninaz posts the small blind of 150
1Eye1 posts the big blind of 300
The button is in seat #8
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Crazydiggity [Ah Qc]
Ahzweepay folds
pktqueens79 folds
NorthrnBoy calls 300
Crazydiggity calls 300
Nepal13 folds
Steveninaz calls 150
1Eye1 raises to 2,187, and is all in
NorthrnBoy folds
Crazydiggity calls 1,887
Steveninaz folds
1Eye1 shows [Td Ad]
Crazydiggity shows [Ah Qc]
*** FLOP *** [3s Ac 9c]
*** TURN *** [3s Ac 9c] [2d]
*** RIVER *** [3s Ac 9c 2d] [Th]
1Eye1 shows two pair, Aces and Tens
Crazydiggity shows a pair of Aces
1Eye1 wins the pot (4,974) with two pair, Aces and Tens
The blinds are now 200/400
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 4,974 | Rake 0
Board: [3s Ac 9c 2d Th]
Seat 1: 1Eye1 (big blind) showed [Td Ad] and won (4,974) with two pair, Aces and Tens
Seat 2: Ahzweepay didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: pktqueens79 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: NorthrnBoy folded before the Flop
Seat 7: Crazydiggity showed [Ah Qc] and lost with a pair of Aces
Seat 8: Nepal13 (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 9: Steveninaz (small blind) folded before the Flop

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