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Saturday, July 5, 2008


I cant win my way into the MSOP main event NO MATTER WHAT. I played a dozen or so contest to get into the tourney and got screwed in everyone. I dont think the best hand wins on Full Tilt anymore EVER. I am pretty sure the best hand gets beat and this makes the tourney go faster by having worse players in longer.

But here is the thought. I buy into the Daily Double A and B tonight and I am dominating...DOMINATING!!! the field. I had double digit chips in both long before anyone else and then the cards dry up. Okay so I have enough chips I can sit back and wait for a hand. So I fold around NUMEROUS times. This should get respect for a raise right? Chip leader and a fold around a dozen or so times?

Daily Double A. I get AK put in a very large reraise. Blinds are 80 160 and I raise to 650. I get one caller which is the only stack near me. Flop AK5. I bet the pot, he goes all in. He has 55. Who the f*** is calling with 55, not small stack, and a raise like this this late in the tourney? Rigged? Maybe not. I am still dominating in B. I go out shortly on another bad beat QQ vs 8 10, I flopped a set of Queens he gets the river straight.

Daily Double B. Same as A, dominating and then cards arent great. Should get respect. Have AJ, raise, blinds now are 400, 800. I raise to 2400. One caller again, again not small stack and decent chips. Flop this time. AJ4. I bet pot again. He goes all in. Guess what he has 44. WTF? This is not coincidental. It cant be. Same thing hit top two? Small set? Full Tilt is taking back all of the profit I have made in the last month. My account has gone from 800 to around 250. All with bad beats. I am now back to about the profit level I was that I said I couldnt get over before? Coincidence? Or Full Tilt rigging the hands to move the tourney along quicker? Oh did I mention both of the players have lost more than 2000.00 on this site according to sharkscope? It is amazing, but I am starting to sharkscope every player who has given me a bad beat and "coincidentally" they all have lost a significant amount of money. Havent seen one winning player I have had a bad beat with. Rigged? One day someone will spill the beans.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you man. I just played a sit and go. I'm all in pre-flop with A J..Guy calls me with A 3. Flop comes 4 5 9..There is the straight draw..Turn is a blank, and the river is..you guessed it, a 3. Unbelievable.

Then after that, I play again, I'm all in pre flop with pocket queens, I get called by K 6, and J 10. And the board comes 5 6 K J 10, giving them both two pair, and my Queens the worst hand.